Creative Delivery Lead Times

Ad productTotal lead time**Creative revisions
Amazon DSP8 days1 revision*
Amazon DSP Desktop display ads8 days1 revision
Amazon DSP Mobile banner ads8 days1 revision
Mobile interstitial ads8 days1 revision
Amazon Mobile Shopping8+ days1+ revision
Mobile Static Link-In Banners8+ days1 revision
Link-Out Mobile Campaigns15 days1 revision
Custom Mobile CampaignsCall*Call*
Amazon eCommerce Ads8 days1 revision
Dynamic eCommerce Ads (custom image)8 days1 revision
Dynamic eCommerce Ads (standard)2 days1 revision (0 in US)
Campaign Landing Pages10+ days1+ revision
Templated Landing Pages10 -15 days1 revision
Tailored Landing Pages20 days1 revision
Custom Landing PagesCall*Call*
Non-Standard Media8 days1+ revision
Amazon Video Ads (custom layout)8 days1 revision
Amazon Video Ads (standard)2 days0 revisions
Billboard Below The Fold8 days1 revision
Daily Deals Site Stripe8 days1 revision
Seller Central Ads8 days1 revision
Kindle with Special Offers10 days1 revision
Fire Tablet with Special Offers
*Guaranteed campaigns require 2 additional days lead time.
10–45 days1+ revision
Fire Tablet Static Wake Screen10 days1 revision
Fire Tablet Animated Wake Screen (Standard)15 days3 revisions
Fire Tablet Animated Wake Screen (Custom)18 days3 revisions
Fire Tablet Amazon Video Ads10 days2 revisions
Fire Tablet Templated Amazon Video Ads4 daysCall*****
Fire Tablet Panels10-18 days2 revisions
Fire Tablet Interactive Wake Screen18 days2 revisions
Fire Tablet Video with Overlay (Standard)10 days1 revision
Fire Tablet Custom Landing Page - Concept, design and implementation45 days4 revisions
Fire TV7–45 days1+ revision
Fire TV Inline Ad  - Run of service7 days1 revision
Fire TV Inline Ad  - Takeover8 days1 revision
Fire TV Feature Rotator – Run of Service11 days1 revision
Fire TV Feature Rotator – Takeover12 days1 revision
Fire TV Sponsored Screensaver – Run of Service9 days1 revision
Fire TV Sponsored Screensaver – Takeover10 days1 revision
Fire TV Clickthrough to Custom Landing Page45 days4 revisions
Fire TV Sponsored Tiles4 daysn/a
Fire TV Out of the Box Experience (OOBE)4 daysn/a
Standard Media8 days1 revision
Alexa Display Ads12 days1 revision
Alexa Home Screen12 days1 revision
Audio ads3-20 days***2 revisions
Audio Ad Script Writing + Spot Production (US only)20 days***2 revisions
Audio Ad Spot Production14 days***2 revisions
Audio Ad Spot Review3 days***2 revisions
Twitch ads8-15 days1+ revision
Homepage Headliner8 days1 revision
Super Leaderboard8 days1 revision
Super Leaderboard (animated)15 days2 revisions
Medium Rectangle8 days1 revision
Medium Rectangle (animated)15 days2 revisions
Prime Video5-11 days1 revision
Prime Video Feature Rotator11 days1 revision
Prime Video Sponsored Tiles5 daysN/A

* For lead times not specified, please call an Account Executive for further details and planning.

** Total lead time = Total lead time = # of business days from receipt of approved customer assets, until campaign is set live/ready to launch. This lead time assumes a maximum of 1 revision and up to 1 day for advertiser review and feedback on initial mocks and up to 1 day for advertiser review and feedback on revisions.

NOTE: *Additional time may be required for campaigns with multiple revisions, creatives, ad versions, or platform types. Published times subject to change during peak times

If advertising content is late or does not comply with Amazon’s advertising policies, Amazon may extend the campaign by the number of days the advertising content was late, and/or revise the flight dates pending placement and available inventory. If Amazon has not received creative assets that meet Amazon’s advertising policies within 3 days of campaign launch, Amazon may release inventory for all affected placements.

*** If an audio ad mentions Alexa in the creative, 3 extra days should be added to its SLA.

**** For 3rd party (advertiser and/or agency) provided creatives, the total lead time is two business days from receipt of approved 3rd party tags.

***** Additional time may be required for creatives with any revision requests.

8 Day Creative Delivery Workflow and Requirements

For 8 day lead times, Amazon requires:

  • Complete and accurate assets for all ad types, including copy
  • Clear creative direction
  • 24 hours turn-around time for feedback and creative approvals
  • Maximum of two creative iterations - one round of review, with version two ready for approval
  • Maximum of two creative designs

Ad Launch Time

  • and Mobile: Ad starts no earlier than midnight (12AM), Eastern Standard Time. Specific times can be discussed.
  • Kindle: Ad starts at midnight (12AM), Pacific Standard Time. Specific times cannot be accommodated.

Required Assets for Amazon Creative Services

  • Pre-existing ad units for reference, layered PSD files, logos, backgrounds, key art, fonts, advertising copy and brand guidelines
  • For IAB static ad creation, approved pre-existing ad reference units are required.

Some platforms have more specific requirements. Assets must be reviewed and approved prior to ad design and production getting underway. Schedules will be adapted for unique client circumstances such as legal approvals or multiple rounds of revisions. Please discuss specifics with your Amazon Ads contact.