ADSP Account Suspension for Malvertising Policy

Why was my account suspended? Can you tell me more?

To ensure a safe and positive experience for users, ADSP requires that advertisers comply with all Amazon Ads ADSP policies. Ads, assets, destinations, and other content that violate Amazon Ads policies can be blocked by ADSP, and may result in account suspension.

My campaign creatives were blocked and/or my advertiser account was suspended by ADSP due to a malvertising policy violation. Can it be reinstated?

Amazon Ads will reach out to your designated contact if creatives served by your campaign were blocked and/or the advertiser account was suspended. To reinstate, you will need to go through the remediation process and will be required to acknowledge and fix the issue, and provide evidence that the root cause has been addressed and that the issue will not happen again. After a successful review, the creative and/or the advertiser account may be reinstated.

Can I appeal the decision if my account has been suspended?

Yes. If you believe there’s been an error and that you haven’t violated our policies, you can submit an appeal. Once your appeal is reviewed, you will be notified with the outcome.

Can a suspended account set up or use other accounts?

No. Accounts related to the suspended account will also be suspended. We take the safety of users very seriously, so any advertisers that have taken actions that put our users, customers, or partners at risk will be banned from using Amazon DSP. In addition, any new accounts that the advertiser tries to create will also be blocked.