General policies

Advertisement Submission Guidelines

Submit all Advertiser Content to your account team.

Email submission information must include:

  • Advertiser Name
  • Campaign Start & End date
  • Creative Files
  • Alt Text (if applicable)
  • Linking URL
  • 3rd party tags (if applicable)
  • Instructions on how ad element(s) should run/rotate
  • Creative processing turnaround time for IAB standard ads is 3 business days, permitting all Advertising Content and related technical elements meet Amazon’s guidelines. Creative processing turnaround time for non-standard ad units varies by ad type; consult with your account team on the specific lead times for each type of placement.

If advertising content is late or does not comply with Amazon’s advertising policies, Amazon reserves the right to extend the campaign by the number of days the advertising content was late in order to reach the contracted impression goals. However, Amazon will work with the applicable advertiser or agency to deliver all impressions within the contracted flight dates pending placement and available inventory. If Amazon has not received creative assets within 3 days of campaign launch, Amazon will release inventory for all placements without assets. While we cannot guarantee the contracted impressions will still be available at a later time, we will work proactively to revise media plans accordingly.

DMP Platform Policy: Financial Services

Any Customer or Advertiser that transfers or authorizes the transfer of data to Amazon in connection with any financial services company (including, but not limited to, credit card companies and banks) via a data management provider (DMP) will comply with the following requirement:

* All data transferred to Amazon by a DMP and used for an Amazon DSP ad campaign in connection with a financial services company must have been collected by such financial services company itself in a first-party context and may not include data licensed or otherwise obtained from any other party.