Amazon Branded Peak Shopping Events Advertising Policies 2023

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Advertising Policies below must be applied to all advertisements running during Amazon branded peak shopping events, via Amazon Ads (including placements on and off Amazon) for self-service and managed-service ads.

Universal Rules

The following rules are mandatory for all ads and placements running during the Event period.

  • Amazon Ads Guidelines and Acceptance Policies apply to all advertisements.
  • Use of Amazon Event brand name in Ads (Managed and Self-Service)
    • Display Ads off Amazon - Managed Service: Event mentions ARE permitted off Amazon, provided the advertiser has an official deal linking back to Amazon. Without an official Event deal, the advertiser cannot mention the Event in the creative.
    • Display Ads off Amazon – Self-Service: Event mentions are NOT permitted outside of the following countries: UAE, KSA, NL, BR, SE, JP.
    • Display Ads on Amazon - Managed and Self-Service: Event mentions are NOT permitted.
    • Brand Stores: Event mentions are NOT permitted.
    • Video – Self-Service: IMDb, Twitch, STV - Event mentions are NOT permitted.
    • Video – Managed-Service: IMDb, Twitch, STV - Event mentions are permitted.
  • Deal Savings and Claims
    • Deal teasing messaging: No teasing messaging is allowed. For example, "Something special is coming," "The countdown is on," “Come back soon for great deals.”
    • Deal savings and claims running during lead up period will require a live deal.

Deals and Savings Claims

The policies below apply specifically to the Amazon branded shopping events Sponsorship Packages only.

  • Day Of event deals/offers must be better than Lead Up or Lead Out deals/offers.
  • We PROHIBIT any specific static numerical pricing promotions or savings messages in creative. This includes deals, offers or savings such as “Save 50% on {Product}” or “$20 off {Product}.
  • The deals for e-commerce ads are dynamic. Percentages and dollars are permitted and pulled in by the product automatically.