Brand Profile Content Guidelines and Acceptance Policies

Brand profiles allow you to showcase your brand’s unique logo, content, name, colors and more to shoppers across Amazon. This helps you to tell your brand story and create a consistent, recognizable presence that may attract more customers.

Creating a brand profile also lets us test your brand’s content in different placements across Amazon without additional work from you.


1.0 Brand Logo
2.0 General Guidelines
3.0 Image Guidelines

As the brand logo may be used for a variety of different ad formats, it is important that your logo meets these brand logo guidelines.

A brand logo is your brand’s registered logo and not of the brand you are promoting, unless you have the legal right to use the promoted brands logo. Brand logos must:

  • Be 600 x 600px or larger
  • Fill the entire image or be on a white or transparent background
  • Accurately reflect the brand you are promoting

Brand logos must not be on a complex graphical background and must be visually appealing. Logos cannot:

  • Be a combination of logos
  • Be a product, ASIN (including cropped versions), custom or lifestyle image or combination
  • Contain additional text
  • Contain crowded or cluttered elements

2.0 General Guidelines

Brand Profile must not contain:

  • CaMel CaSe
  • Claims such as “Best seller”, “Exclusives” or “Top rated.” See Claims policies.
  • We highly recommend including the content rating for all media rated as appropriate for audience categories aged 12/13 or older.
    • A Brand description referencing sport, should be accompanied by a contextually relevant lifestyle image or video
  • Customer reviews (including star ratings) even if these reviews are on Amazon
  • Deals, discounts or savings messaging including in images and video
  • Tagline must be your true brand tagline

3.0 Image Guidelines

Custom images allow you to include compelling images that represent your brand in a lifestyle setting. Images must not contradict the landing page and must be of high resolution and quality and aesthetically pleasing. Images must not:

  • Be individual or multiple product images on a solid or transparent background
  • Be an individual brand logo or combination of logos
  • Contain crowded, excessive, poorly cropped or illegible elements
  • Contain additional text other than text naturally present in the image (such as on product packaging)
  • Contain letterbox or pillarbox formats