Prime Video Sponsored Tiles

Sponsored Tiles allows advertisers to promote their video content on Prime Video app on living room devices. Customers see sponsored content in the form of a tile that looks native to the current experience. These tiles appear in the first 5 slots of sponsored rows on the Home, Store, and Channels tabs. Advertisers pay for the cost of actual clicks on the Sponsored Tiles. Content titles need to be published with Prime Video Direct before they can be advertised with Sponsored Tiles. This ad placement is available to TVOD and Channel advertisers.

Experience overview

When customers hover over a tile, text and image detail content is revealed on the top half of their TV screens. After one second, the imagery can be replaced with an audio enabled playing trailer video. The image is shown again after the video concludes. Customers can click the tile to view more details about the content and ways to watch it.

The sponsored row is not selected

sponsored row not selected

A tile in the sponsored row is selected

A tile in sponsored row selected

Guidelines overview

This section gives a brief overview of policies and guidelines that are to be followed for creatives used in Sponsored Tiles.

Asset requirements

Sponsored tiles share the same design and visual layout as other Prime Video Living room app tiles, consisting of a tile image (key art), a background image, an optional trailer video, and title details in text format. Assets for Sponsored Tiles are collected during the publishing process with Prime Video Direct whose detailed requirements can be found in the Asset requirements section.

1. Title details
2. Tile image
3. Background image/trailer video

1. Title details
2. Tile image
3. Background image/trailer video

Image componentRequirements
Tile imageSize: 1920 x 1080px (minimum), 3840 x 2160px (recommended)
Format: JPG or PNG
Background imageSize: 1920 x 1080px (minimum), 3840 x 2160px (recommended)
Format: JPG or PNG
Video componentDimensionsFormatDuration
Auto play video1920 x 1080px or largerAVC/H.264Pro-Res 422MPEG-2Less than 6 minutes

For assets contains text (e.g. title name), the text must meet our accessibility requirements:

  • All text should be at least 24 pt (Arial regular or equivalent size).
  • A contrast ratio of at least 3:1 exists between text (including images of text) and the background behind it.

Content acceptability

All the content should meet the following content policy and guidelines:

The following artwork elements are not permissible and will be rejected:

  • Bugs, logos, and watermarks
  • References to other formats or format-specific logos ("Now on DVD," Blu-ray logos, etc.)
  • Studio or network logos
  • Callouts to external websites, other distribution platforms, or theatrical release dates
  • Borders: When your artwork is scaled, borders may partially or completely disappear
  • Small text: When your artwork is scaled, it might become unreadable
  • Padding: Using letterboxing or pillar boxing to fit artwork to spec makes your artwork look inconsistent within the Prime Video customer experience
  • On-screen text (title treatment, credits, subtitles, etc.)
  • Spoilers: Don't include spoilers for the plot of the episode. For elimination-based reality TV shows, attempt to keep the competitors' identities obscured as much as possible as the season progresses so as not to reveal winners/losers.

Disclaimer: Sponsored Tile title name “Mountain Biking”, “Outdoor Weekends”, “Hiking Fans”, and “Outdoor Fun” are example names for ad specs only, and are not available on Prime Video.


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