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Mobile interstitial ads

Amazon offers app developers the ability to integrate full-screen interstitial advertisements inside their apps using the Mobile Ads API. These ad units do not appear on Amazon Mobile Shopping, and always include a prominent close button.


Amazon provides two interstitial ad templates: Medium Rectangle and Full Screen Image. Both templates are responsive and will expand to match the size of any mobile device’s screen.

Interstitial ads are automatically overlaid with an AdChoices icon (in the upper left corner) and a close button (in the upper right corner). These images and their positions are not configurable.

Interstitial ads are supported in applications for iOS, Android, and Fire smartphones and tablets.

Full Screen Image

The Full Screen Image template covers the full screen of a device with a single clickable image. The image is automatically resized to display a guaranteed “safe zone” crisply and with low latency on smartphones and tablets.

Creative Guidelines

  • Design the background image at 2560x2560px. All important content (logos, text, calls to action) must be contained within a “safe zone” of 1360x1360px to guarantee that it will be visible and tappable.
  • The image must be less than 2MB in size. When possible, optimize your images after saving them to further reduce file size.
  • Always include a prominent button-like call to action inside the safe zone so that customers know where to tap on the ad. To ensure legibility and appropriate display size on device, the minimum height for a button is 160px.
  • The minimum font size is 48pt to account for variation in display resolutions—ads must be legible on small smartphone screens as well as on high-resolution tablets.
  • Legal or disclaimer text is limited to two lines at a minimum font size of 48pt, and must be within the safe zone.
  • Do not include a border around the edge of the creative.
  • Fill the area outside the safe zone with color, patterns, or lifestyle imagery—don’t show safe zone content surrounded by blank white space.
  • Avoid broad ‘stripes’ or other graphical treatments that can appear to divide your ad into separate tappable sections. This can look broken when the ad is cropped and scaled on device.
  • A “Close” button will be automatically overlaid on the top right corner of the ad in both portrait and landscape orientations. An AdChoices icon will be overlaid on the top left corner in both orientations.
  • Interstitial ads that link to Amazon must include an Amazon logo or a textual reference to Amazon, as outlined in our Creative Acceptance Policy.

Video (US only)

The Full Screen Image template can include an optional video player in the center of the safe zone. Video interstitials allow users to play a video, tap on calls to action above or below the video, or dismiss the interstitial ad.

Creative Guidelines

  • Video interstitial ads require a 1280x720px video thumbnail in addition to the 2560x2560 background image. The thumbnail image must be less than 1MB. Don’t add important text or logos to the center of the thumbnail - it will be covered up by our “play” icon.
  • All important content must be contained within a “safe zone” of 1360x1360px to guarantee that it will be visible and part of the click through tap target. The safe zone must leave the center 1360x766px free of any ad copy or images, to accommodate the video thumbnail asset. The size and position of the video thumbnail are fixed and can’t be modified.
  • Video requirements: MP4, .M4V, .MOV, .MPEG, .AVI or .DV uncompressed format and 1920x1080px resolution. The recommended video length is 15-30 seconds.

Customer Reviews

Customer Review ads are permitted in this template - use Amazon’s gold stars and 48-point Arial as shown below. Because this is a static image and does not update based on customer activity, the date on which the Amazon rating was collected must be included in the ad as shown below. When Amazon’s Customer Review rating lockup is used in an interstitial ad and refers to, the Amazon logo does not need to be shown.

Medium Rectangle

Medium Rectangle interstitial

A 300 x 250 px ad will be superimposed in the center of the screen, with a configurable background color to match. This format is well suited to mobile devices with small screens or to advertisers with pre-existing mobile ads.

Creative Guidelines

  • Because the banner ad is the only element on the screen, it must be designed at 2X resolution (600 x 500 px) to support high-resolution displays.
  • The image must be 100kb or smaller.
  • Font size cannot be smaller than 16pt, except for legal or disclaimer text which can be 13pt.
  • Legal or disclaimer text is limited to one line.
  • Do not include an “Advertisement” label or AdChoices icon inside the banner.
  • Customer Review Ads are permitted in this template - follow the standard mobile guidelines listed on the Customer Reviews specs page.
  • Interstitial ads that link to Amazon must include an Amazon logo or a textual reference to Amazon, as outlined in our Creative Acceptance Policy.

Site served only. 3P impression and click trackers (1x1) are accepted.

Asset Checklist
  • Pre-existing standard ad units for reference
  • High-res layered .PSD files (product shots and/or lifestyle imagery)
  • Logos (vector format, .ai or .eps)
  • Any backgrounds or key art
  • Fonts (.otf or .ttf)
  • Advertising copy
  • Brand guidelines
  • Clickthrough URL or Hero ASIN
Photoshop Templates