Prime Video

Prime Video ads offer advertisers an opportunity to reach customers as they browse and discover new content with the Prime Video app on living room devices. The offered ad placements are available to Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) and Prime Video Channels (PVC) advertisers.

In order to make sure customers have the best experience possible on Prime Video, we work with our clients to run ads that are appropriate for all audiences. All Prime Video ad content must conform to Amazon’s Creative Acceptance guidelines. Amazon requires that advertisers review their content with these guidelines in mind before submitting.

Ad Formats

Feature Rotator

Feature Rotator is a carousel-like ad placement appearing above the fold of the screen, making it the most visible part of the Prime Video app UI.

Sponsored Tiles Image

Sponsored Tiles are ad placements within a row. When the ad tile is highlighted, the ad’s mini-details page is displayed.

Sponsored Tiles Image

Sponsored Channels are ad placements appearing in the "My Subscription" row, reaching customers on the Prime Video home page and helping drive channel subscriptions.

Destination types

Multiple destination types are available for ads on Prime Video.

Content detail pages

Customers can be directed to content detail pages. On a content detail page, customers can:

  • Watch, rent, or buy a content tile, or subscribe to a channel that's available on Prime Video
  • Add content to watchlist
  • See detailed information about the content title such as customer ratings, starring, and synopsis
  • Select a season and/or an episode (if applicable)
Prime Video Channels pages

Customers can be directed to a Prime Video Channel page where they are shown a collection of an advertiser’s content. This option is only available for Prime Video Channel partners that have a campaign promoting multiple pieces of content.

Ad formats supported by destination types:

Destination typesFeature RotatorSponsored Tiles Sponsored Channels
Content detail pagesx x
Prime Video Channels pagesx x

Disclaimer: Feature Rotator title name “Mountain Biking”, Sponsored Tile title name “Mountain Biking”, “Outdoor Weekends”, “Hiking Fans”, and “Outdoor Fun” are example names for ad specs only, and are not available on Prime Video.