Prime Video Feature Rotator (Beta)

Feature Rotator is a top level hero-placement, available to TVOD and Channel advertisers, that supports up to six different pieces of content in its carousel. It is the most visible part of the Prime Video app user interface on Fire TV and is composed of three assets: a background image, a logo image, and a trailer video.

Experience overview

When content in Feature Rotator is highlighted, the image expands to show the “Learn more” call-to-action (CTA). After a moment, this imagery is replaced by an auto-playing video that expands to fill the majority of the screen. Customers can then navigate to other content items in the carousel or continue watching the rest of the video. When the video concludes, the next ad in the carousel displays. When customers click the ad, they are taken to the click destination page where they can buy/rent or watch.



Creative guidelines

In order to provide a good customer experience, we require that all assets meet the following guidelines and Amazon Ads Guidelines and Acceptance Policies.

Asset specifications

Feature Rotator requires three assets:
1. Background image
2. Logo image
3. Trailer video

Image componentRaw asset requirementFinal file requirement
Background image Dimension: 1920 x 720px or bigger
Format: PSD (High-quality and layered), AI, EPS or SVG
Dimension: 1920 x 720px
Max file weight: 450kb
Format: JPG
Logo imageDimension: 640 x 260px or bigger
Format: PSD (High-quality and layered),
Dimension: 640 x 260px
Max file weight: 450kb
Format: PNG

* No edits will be made to the original video assets.

Video component*DimensionsMax. File WeightFormatDuration
Trailer1920 x 1080px500mbMP4, M4V, MOV, MPEG15–18s

Background images

Safe zone

Make sure the essential elements of the image are within the safe zone. Keep the top 143px free of key content and elements. Essential elements, like faces of key characters, that falls outside of the safe zone may be covered by navigation UI or logo content.

Background safe zone

Dimensions: 1920 x 720px or larger
Aspect ratio: 8:3
Format: JPEG (RGB color)
Maximum file size: 450KB

High resolution image

Use the highest resolution that meets the ratio requirement. Upscaled images that are blurry will not be accepted. The minimum acceptable size for background image is 1920 x 720pixels.

Full-bleed image

The background image must use full-bleed imagery. It may fade out to a solid color or darken with a gradient on the sides, especially in the left area, so that the logo image and text (either light or dark) can be accessible and readable on the background.

✔ Approved

Background Image – Approved

✘ Not approved

Background Image – Not Approved

Image content

Avoid images that depict drug usage, alcohol, or nudity. Images that are sexually explicit or depict violence or illegal activity are not acceptable.

Embedded logos or titles

Don’t add text or logos to the background image (this doesn’t apply to content rating label or legal text).

Logo image zone

Logo image appears on top of the background image. This includes:

1: Full image asset size for the logo
2: Content title logo
3: CTA text
4: Content provider logo
5. Promotional pricing text for Channels (Optional) - must be accompanied by legal disclaimer (see Legal/disclaimer text)

Logo elements
Logo elements

Dimensions: 640 x 260px
Format: 24-bit PNG with transparent background (RGB color)
Maximum file size: 450KB

Visual hierarchy

Give the highest visual priority to the most important information in the logo image (e.g. a content logo stands out from other logo elements). Title treatment should be above the CTA and provider logo:

approved - current ui
not approved - current ui

All-caps can be used for headlines or content title names as needed to emphasize their visual priorities. Avoid using all-caps for CTAs that have more than 2 words or for body copy (e.g. offer messaging).

Logo alignment

Keep the logo lockup both horizontally and vertically centered with respect to the logo safe zone.

✔ Approved

Background Image – Approved

✘ Not approved

Background Image – Not Approved

Prime Video logo usage

Use Prime Video logo with "CHANNELS" as shown in the following example (not a solo Prime Video logo) for content titles that require channel subscriptions. If placing a provider logo in the same line of Prime Video CHANNELS lockup, follow this treatment:

Don’t use logo as part of a sentence; instead, group a provider logo and the Prime Video Channels logo together as in the above example. If a provider logo must be placed on the same line with a CTA or other copy, make sure there is clear separation between the logo and the copy. For example, place a provider logo before a CTA, or use a divider line when a provider logo is after a CTA. Other treatments may be approved as long as they meet the guidelines.

For Prime Video Cinema content, if placing a CTA on the same line of Prime Video CINEMA lockup, follow this treatment:

Logo and text accessibility

Make sure that the logo contrasts with the background image and that the CTA text is easily readable. A minimum of 3:1 contrast ratio is required. CTA text should be at least 24pt Arial regular (or equivalent font). Consider removing extra lockup elements if they fall below 18pt.

Text used in the logo image should follow these requirements (don’t apply to logos or graphics):

Copy typeMaximum charactersMaximum lines
CTA40 characters (including spaces)1 line of text
Additional copy
(Offer messaging and/or legal disclaimers)
40 characters (including spaces)1 line of text

Call-to-action (CTA)

Use a recommended CTA whenever possible:

Use caseRecommended CTADisclaimer
RentAvailable to rent-
Rent now-
BuyAvailable to buy-
Buy now-
Buy or rentAvailable to buy or rent-
Buy or rent now-
Channel subscriptionsWatch with a subscriptionIf the CTA is accompanied by a limited time offer message (e.g. $4.99/month for up to 6 months), make sure this disclaimer is included: Restrictions apply. Limited-time offer.
Free trialStart your [x]-day free trialRestrictions apply. (Include "Limited-time offer." when applicable.)
Start free trialRestrictions apply. (Include "Limited-time offer." when applicable.)
SamplingWatch the first episode freeRestrictions apply. (Include "Limited-time offer." when applicable.)
  • For CTA verbs, use "watch" instead of "stream.", use "buy" instead of "purchase".
  • Avoid CTAs that mislead non-entitled customers into thinking that they can watch the content for free, such as (but not limited to) “Watch now” or “Start watching”.
  • Do not use ‘Learn More’ for the CTA text since this will already be included in the button within the Feature Rotator UI. Call-to-action text may not include additional glyphs (e.g. arrows or underlines), or be embellished as a button.

Promotional pricing text

Prime Video Channels partners may be allowed to include pricing language in FR creatives. The offer needs to be located in the CTA section of the logo and must include the pricing as well as the duration of offer. The primary focus in the logo lockup is still required to be the content title itself.

Additionally, any such offer must be accompanied by at least a disclaimer “Restrictions apply. Limited-time offer.” in the disclaimer safe zone of the background image (See Legal/disclaimer text).

A full description of all terms and conditions must be provided on the sign-up page. For complete details on what acceptable language can be used for these offers, please reach out to us (Link to contact us page).

Trademark symbols

A trademark symbol on either the title or advertiser logo is strongly discouraged and will be removed by default.

Trailer video

Safe zone

Keep key subjects, text, or logos outside of the red area that will be covered by UI elements.

Trailer video safe zone

Dimensions: 1920 x 1080px
Resolution: 1080p
Duration: 15-18s
Maximum file size: 500MB
Format: MP4, M4V, MOV, MPEG
Video Codec: H.264
Video Bitrate: 12mbps+ preferred
Audio Bitrate: at least 128kbps
Loudness Level: -24 LKFS +/- 2dB
True Peak Level: -2dB

Content visibility

Make sure not to place key subjects, text, or logos outside of the safe zone. The following example will not be approved since the logo is placed outside of the safe area, resulting in it being covered by the “Learn More” button:

High quality video

Make sure the video has a high-bitrate. A high-bitrate video source prevents compression artifacts.


Try not to show letterboxing in videos (black bars above and below). However, if the content being promoted uses letterboxing in the full-length video, then the trailer may feature letterboxing as well.

Correct resolution

Make sure that the video has a 1920 x 1080p resolution. Do not cut off any key scene portions when cropping the video to a custom aspect ratio.

Use a controlled volume

Make sure that the volume of the video is normalized (i.e. not too low and not too high).

Language used

Make sure videos are in the primary language of the locale where the ad is shown.

End card

Do not mention a URL or App in the end card in the video.

✔ Approved

Background Image – Approved

✘ Not approved

Background Image – Not Approved
Background Image – Not Approved


Don’t include subtitle in the video.

Watermarks of logos

Try not to include watermarks/logo overlays in the video because they can draw focus away from primary video content. However, these overlays are allowed if the following guidelines are met:

  • The logo is placed within the safe zone.
  • The logo does not cover up key content (such as an actor’s face) or other text within the video.

Content rating labels

Content rating label safe zone (blue)

Content rating safe zone

A content rating label is required when the creatives on Feature Rotator are rated for audiences that are at least 12/13 years old. The content rating for a trailer and for the feature-length film or video can be different. Make sure to use the rating label for the film or video even if the trailer has a less restricted rating.

Content rating labels should be placed inside the same blue safe zone of the background image. In cases where the content rating label doesn’t work well with the background image (e.g. overlaps with the key object), it can be placed in the logo image.

When promotion pricing text is used in Prime Video Channels promotions, make sure to include “Restrictions apply” or “Restrictions apply. Limited-time offer.” in the creative. When added, text should be white or black (apply opacity if needed), set in 18pt Arial regular (or equivalent font), and placed unobtrusively in the logo or background image. Make sure a minimum of 3:1 contrast ratio is met.

When there is sufficient space in the logo image, place the disclaimer on the bottom of the logo image:

If adding the disclaimer to the logo image causes the logo image to have more than 4 lines of text (including logos), place the disclaimer in the background image instead. Disclaimers should be placed in the blue safe zone, top and right aligned with the safe zone.

Content rating safe zone

✔ Approved

Background Image – Approved

✘ Not approved

Background Image – Not Approved

Any other use of unnecessary text, including legal “fine print”, copyright statements, legal symbols or Terms & Conditions is strongly discouraged. Our strong recommendation is to provide full terms & conditions or disclaimer copy on the landing page.

Violence/drugs/alcohol/nudity/explicit images

Ensure that the video does not contain gore, violence, or explicit language of a mature nature. Avoid any depictions of illegal activities or consumption of drugs and/or alcohol, nudity or content of a sexual nature.

Multi-title creative
What is a multi-title creative?

The logo lockup of a multi-title creative includes two or more content title names/logos, or its background image includes key art from two or more content titles. Currently, a multi-title creative only supports Prime Video Channel content. In addition to general guidelines for a Feature Rotator creative, multi-title creatives must also adhere to the following guidelines and execution types.

1. Channel forward

The creative showcases a Prime Video Channel’s breadth and depth of service.

  • Background image:
    There is no limit to the number of titles featured on the background image, however the composition of the box art tiles must be engaging and complement the customer experience, and must not appear distracting. Box art tiles must be large enough to distinguish the characters and titles. The titles of movies/shows within the box art must be a minimum 14pt. Other text (e.g. HBO Original) can be smaller.
  • Logo image:
    The call-to-action must be written copy and should focus on communicating the content available within the channel (e.g. Starz), any necessary entitlements (e.g. subscription required), and/or trial offer messaging (e.g. Start your 30-day free trial).
  • Trailer video:
    Trailers should be sizzle reels that focus on communicating the content available within the channel (e.g. popular movies and TV shows). End cards within the trailer should reinforce the call-to-action message.
  • Click-through destination:
    These campaigns must link to either a Prime Video Channels page, or a marketing landing page.

✔ Do:

✘ Do not:

Box art tiles must not mimic the Prime Video app UI and appear as a row of clickable tiles.

2. Content forward

The creative showcases specific content from a Prime Video Channel.

  • Background image:
    • A maximum of 3 titles are allowed. Title names must be in either text or logo format, a minimum font size of 24 pts Arial regular or equivalent, and be within the background image's safe zone. For franchise titles (e.g. Smurf and Smurf 2; Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3), title names can be placed in the logo image if there is sufficient space and the background image is showing common characters from the titles.
    • When titles are independent from each other, place the title names in the background image. Make sure each title name is close to the corresponding key arts.
    • Titles names or logos must be placed in the green safe zone of the background image.
  • Logo image:
    The call-to-action must be written copy that focuses on communicating the content available within the service or the content theme (e.g. Award-winning movies) and the channel provider (e.g. HBO). Call-to-action copy must follow the existing syntax: Do X on/with Y (e.g. Watch with a subscription).
  • Trailer video:
    Trailers must include all titles listed within the multi-title background. For franchise titles, trailers should include at least 1 of the titles shown within the creative. End cards within all trailers should reinforce the call-to-action message.
  • Click-through destination:
    These campaigns must link to either a Prime Video Channels page (titles shown in the ad must appear above the fold), or a marketing landing page.

✔ Do:

✘ Do not:

It’s hard to associate the title logos with the right title arts. Including multiple title logos also crowds the logo image and makes it difficult for customers to perceive the information.

✘ Do not:

Why? Title names are partly covered by the Prime Video app UI. Title names (text or logos) must be fully visible in the background image safe zone.

Multi-title creative content rating

For content forward creatives, show the rating of the content title that’s rated most restrictively. For example, if a creative is featuring 2 titles, one rated R and the other rated PG-13, show the R label in the creative.

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Asset Checklist
  • Pre-existing standard ad units for reference
  • High-resolution imagery in layered PSD format
  • High-resolution imagery in JPG, TIFF, or PNG format (optional)
  • Logos in vector format (PSD, AI, EPS, or SVG)
  • Campaign copy
  • Fonts
  • Brand guidelines
  • Trailer video (see specs)
  • Content rating (if required)
Photoshop Templates