Kindle with Special Offers

The Amazon Kindle is the most wished-for, most five-star-rated, most gifted, #1 best-selling product on Amazon. Now, advertisers can leverage the uniquely intimate Kindle experience with Kindle with Special Offers and Sponsored Screensavers.



Kindle with Special Offers is a unique advertising platform for advertisers. Ad packages include the following placements:

  • Screen Saver — Full screen ad that appears when the device is in ‘sleep’ mode.
  • Home Screen Ad — Ad that appears on the Kindle home screen.
  • View All Ads — Landing page showing all active ads and special offers on the device.
  • Ad Details — Cached landing page containing offer details or the ability to buy products from the device.
Kindle ads placement examples

Branding, colors, and typography

All design elements should match the branding guidelines of the advertiser and not use any branding elements, buttons, etc., unless expressly approved by

  • All placements on Kindle are 16-color grayscale.
  • The advertiser’s logo or name must be included in creative execution.
  • For requirements regarding the use of’s customer star ratings, refer to the Customer Ratings section below.

Creative standards

Kindle users expect compelling, pixel-perfect ads worthy of their device’s high-quality screen. By aligning your creative with these expectations, your marketing campaigns have the power to deliver meaningful experiences. The following characteristics are guidelines for creating ads that connect with Kindle customers.


  • Design elements, product imagery, and text are well proportioned. Visual weight is equally dispersed.
  • Messaging hierarchy is clear. Elements are laid out in order of importance (i.e. headline first, subhead second, body text third).
  • Overall composition feels integrated. Focal points should dominate without sacrificing unity.
  • Elements are justified and/or aligned on the same x- and y-axes. Use of symmetry or asymmetry appears deliberate and purposeful.
Approved ✔
Not Approved ✘
not approved
  1. Elements are not equally dispersed.
  2. Elements are not precisely aligned on the same x- and y-axes.


  • Ad copy does not contain unnecessary information or instructions. All text is legible.
  • US and EU campaigns only: Headlines do not exceed 12 words, with supporting copy not exceeding 20.
  • Japan and China campaigns only: Headlines do not exceed 20 characters, with the headline and subcopy combined not exceeding 40 characters total.
  • Text is set in a maximum of three typefaces, including the call-to-action button.
  • Message bursts and cliché graphic devices are avoided.
  • Filters, drop shadows, and other Photoshop effects are used sparingly and subtly.
Approved ✔
Not Approved ✘
Not Approved
  1. Supporting copy exceeds 20 words.
  2. More than three typefaces are used.


  • The tone of the ad is not “shouty.” Elements that appear overbearing or pushy (such as all-caps copy and exclamation points) are avoided.
  • Fine print and legal symbols do not appear on the Screen Saver.
  • Ad creative does not contain content that is violent, threatening, suggestive, provocative, or inappropriate for a general audience.
  • Messaging and calls to action are clear and never misleading.
  • Marketing claims are substantiated and in the best interest of the customer.
  • Questionable tones of voice (including sarcasm, stereotyping, and competitive slander) are not used.
Approved ✔
Not Approved ✘
Not Approved
  1. Marketing claim cannot be substantiated.
  2. Exclamation point gives the message a shouty tone.


  • Ad copy educates the customer about the main points of the featured product or service.
  • Grammar and punctuation are used correctly.
  • Images, logos, and text are not pixelated or fuzzy.
  • Retouching is photorealistic, avoiding defects in gradients, shadows, and perspective.
Approved ✔
Not Approved ✘
 Not Approved
  1. Headline and CTA button are fuzzy.
  2. Masking is poorly executed.

Screen Saver

Asset specifications

DeviceAssetDimensionsFormatMin. Font SizeMin. Button Height
Kindle (Gen4)Background600x800pxGIF17pxn/a
Kindle KeyboardBackground600x800pxGIF17pxn/a
Kindle TouchBackground600x800pxPNG-817pxn/a
Kindle (Gen 7/8/10)Background600x800pxPNG-817pxn/a
Kindle (Gen 7/8/10)CTA button layer600x800pxPNG-817px40px
Kindle PaperwhiteBackground758x1024pxPNG-822pxn/a
Kindle PaperwhiteCTA button layer758x1024pxPNG-822px50px
Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis (Gen8)Background1072x1448pxPNG-830pxn/a
Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis (Gen8)CTA button layer1072x1448pxPNG-830px70px
Kindle Oasis (Gen9/10)Background1264x1680pxPNG-836pxn/a
Kindle Oasis (Gen9/10)CTA button layer1264x1680pxPNG-836px80px

Creative requirements

Screen Saver creative must conform to the following requirements:

  • Content must be appropriate for audiences of all ages.
  • All background images must include a full bleed to edges. No white borders or edges.
  • Images should be optimized for sufficient contrast on the Kindle screen.
  • Artwork should not interfere with the legibility of call-to-action (CTA) text.
  • Text must be large enough to be legible on all devices (refer to minimum font sizes listed above)
  • No legal symbols (including ©, ® and ™ marks), fine print, or extraneous text allowed.
  • All Kindle Screen Savers must conform to Amazon’s Creative Acceptance guidelines.

Calls to Action

Kindle (Gen4) and Kindle Keyboard use a standard call-to-action lockup, which includes a 5-way button icon.

  • Color must be black or white. Gray is not allowed.
  • Lockup structure—including font style, font size, and button icon—cannot be altered.

Kindle Touch screen savers do not require a call to action.

Kindle (Gen7/8/10), Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, and Kindle Oasis Screen Savers contain a call-to-action button, which is only visible when the device is powered on.

  • The CTA button/text must be provided as a separate asset, and not be included as part of the background asset.
  • The standard “Swipe to unlock Kindle” text (which is added dynamically on device) may be black or white except Kindle Oasis, which is always white texts on a black stripe.
  • Text, logos, buttons, and key imagery may not be placed behind the “Swipe to unlock Kindle” text at the bottom of the screen.
  • All price, savings, discount, and any other key messaging must appear during off state.
Examples of CTA on different Kindle devices

Home Screen Banner

Asset specifications

Home Screen Banner assets must be created according to these specifications:

DeviceDimensionsCTA Font Size
Kindle (Gen4)600x90px14–17px
Kindle Keyboard600x90px14–17px
Kindle Touch600x90px14–17px
Kindle (Gen7/8/10)600x90px14–17px
Kindle Paperwhite758x116px16–20px
Kindle Voyage1072x164px20–28px
Kindle Oasis (Gen8)1072x164px20–28px
Kindle Oasis (Gen9/10)1264x1680px23–33px

Creative requirements

Home Screen Banners must conform to the following requirements:

  • No black or dark backgrounds; background should be sufficiently light for black text to be used.
  • Banners with white backgrounds should have a dark 1px stroke added to outer edge.
  • Any background images should be optimized for sufficient contrast on the Kindle screen.

Calls to Action

All Home Screen Banners must include a call to action:

  • Call-to-action text must be clear and specific, and should reflect the content of the corresponding Ad Details page.
  • Call to action is limited to 20 characters. Must be formatted in sentence case. All caps, all lowercase, title case, and mixed case are not allowed.
  • Beginning the call to action with a verb (i.e. shop, learn, get) is recommended, but not required.
  • Font can match advertiser’s branding style guidelines. Copy should be legible and easy to read.
  • Kindle (Gen4) and Kindle Keyboard CTAs will have the text “Turns on wireless” applied
Home Screen Banner for all devices

View Special Offers

Creative requirements

View Special Offers placements consist of a headline, subhead, and image:

  • Font size and formatting (bold, underline, italics, etc.) cannot be adjusted.
  • Offer headline copy should be formatted in title case.
  • Message should be clear and specific, and reflect the content of the corresponding Ad Details page.
Creative requirements
  1. Logo or Image: 209x209px (Oasis Gen9/10), 180x180px (Voyage, Oasis Gen8), 128x128px (Paperwhite), 100x100px (Kindle Gen4/7/8/10, Touch, Keyboard)
  2. Headline:
    Up to 64 characters | Up to 38字 for CN
    (including spaces, within two lines)
  3. Subhead:
    Up to 80 characters | Up to 40字 for CN
    (including spaces, within two lines)

Ad Details Page

Creative requirements

The Ad Details page is the landing page for ads on Kindle E-Reader devices. It’s where customers can read more about a product, buy a product, or request additional information via email.

  • Imagery should be consistent with other placements.
  • All text is Kindle standard font and cannot be customized.
  • If applicable, offers must include valid dates formatted as “Month DD, YYYY” (for example, “Claim this offer by December 31, 2016”).
  • Offer headline copy should be formatted in title case.
  • No additional links can be added other than the required Call to Action.


Two different templates are available. Required elements and specifications are listed below.

  • All character count restrictions are approximate. Depending on the text, campaigns may be restricted to fewer characters.
  • Character counts include spaces and blank lines. A blank line is equal to approximately 64 characters (approximately 33 for CN/JP).
1) Large Hero Image
Large Hero Image

1160x667px (Oasis Gen9/10)
1000x575px (Voyage, Oasis Gen8)
720x410px (Paperwhite)
570x320px (Kindle Gen4/7/8/10, Touch, Keyboard)
92 characters max | 58字 max for CN, JP

Body Copy
420 characters max
300字 max for CN, JP

2) One Small Image
One Small Image

290x232px (Oasis Gen9/10)
250x200px (Voyage, Oasis Gen8)
175x140px (Paperwhite)
140x110px (Kindle Gen4/7/8/10, Touch, Keyboard)
63 characters max | 40字 max for CN, JP

74 characters max | 42字 max for CN, JP

Body Copy
1230 characters max | 792字 max for CN, JP

Customer Ratings

Allowable placements

Amazon customer star ratings may be used within ad creative on Screen Savers only. All use is subject to approval by

Product restrictions

  • Ratings may only be used in ads that advertise a single product.
  • The rating shown must be for the specific product advertised. For example, if the ad is promoting the newest edition of a book, the rating cannot be from an earlier edition of the same book.
  • The date used in ratings and reviews cannot be more than 3 months old, therefore creative must be updated regularly.

Creative requirements

Ratings must use a standard lockup, containing these elements:

  • The customer star rating
  • The total number of customer reviews in parenthesis
  • The date on which the customer rating was calculated

Visual formatting must be as follows:

  • Stars must always be standard Kindle E-Reader stars.
  • Stars and text must be black or white. Both elements must be the same color.
  • The following size, spacing, and font face specifications may not be adjusted:
Amazon Ember

Approved and Not Approved

Approved ✔
Not Approved ✘
Not Approved

Font face may not be adjusted. Lockup must include the date on which the Amazon customer rating was calculated.

North America
  • CA
  • MX
  • US
South America
  • BR
  • DE
  • ES
  • FR
  • IT
  • NL
  • SE
  • UK
Middle East
  • KSA
  • UAE
Asia Pacific
  • AU
  • IN
  • JP
  • SG
Asset Checklist
  • Pre-existing standard ad units for reference
  • High-res layered .PSD files (product shots and/or lifestyle imagery)
  • Logos (vector format, .ai or .eps)
  • Any backgrounds or key art
  • Fonts (.otf or .ttf)
  • Advertising copy
  • Brand guidelines
  • Clickthrough URL or Hero ASIN