4.0 Animation and Video

Ads must comply with ad specs requirements for animated ads and video ads.

Animated ads

  • Maximum animation length for on-site placements: 15 seconds (30 seconds in France).
    • For Amazon DSP ads not on Amazon, the maximum is 30 seconds.
  • Initial animation can loop a maximum of 3 times within the animation length specified above (15 or 30 seconds).
  • Please see the Amazon DSP mobile app banner ads specs and e-commerce creative for supported animated ads on those placements.
  • Billboard ads running onsite cannot be animated.
  • Brazil: animation is prohibited in ads for products designed for children (for example, a school bag, game or toy).

Video ads


  • Video stream length:
    • Standard IAB Ad unit: up to 15 seconds.
    • Video ads (on Amazon): up to 3 minutes (we recommend 30 seconds or less).
    • Video ads on Fire tablet: up to 15 seconds.
    • Amazon DSP video: at least 5 seconds.
  • Audio must be customer-initiated on click or tap (meaning that autoplay ads must begin muted).
    • The use of rollovers to initiate audio is prohibited.
    • When audio is switched on by the customer, a mute button is required.
    • Video ads (on Amazon) without sound are permitted but only if the video can be understood without sound.
  • Alcohol ads must comply with any necessary locale-specific requirements, as set out in 7.1.
  • Font sizes in video ads should align with the font requirements for all display ad placements.

Customer-initiated video ads

  • Maximum video stream length and audio served in conjunction with a video stream: 3 minutes.
Placements or formats specs requirements