Amazon Ads guidelines and acceptance policies



At Amazon Ads, we believe maintaining a high customer experience bar for the ads we serve helps us drive better results for you, our advertisers. Accordingly, we have set customer-centric Ad Policies to help preserve and enhance that experience. All advertising content must be appropriate for a general audience and/or for the type of placement in which it will be displayed, and, as an advertiser using Amazon Ads, it is your responsibility to make sure that both you and your ads comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and industry standards in each geographical area where the advertisements may appear, for example adhering to the requirements of the CAP Code if your advertisements are targeting UK consumers.

You must be honest about the products or services that you promote and must avoid content that may mislead or offend our customers. Amazon customers represent a wide array of genders, races, ethnicities, abilities, ages, religions, sexual orientations and backgrounds.

We encourage you to use diverse imagery within your ads. Our policies are not intended as legal advice. We encourage you to consult with your legal advisor if you have questions about the laws and regulations concerning your ads.

These ad policies apply to Amazon’s global Display Advertising business, for placements both on Amazon’s owned-and-operated properties and off Amazon. Separate Ad Policies apply to sponsored ads, Book Ads, Stores and Streaming TV. For technical requirements, please review the ad specs.

Amazon reserves the right to reject, remove or request modifications to an ad in its sole discretion, for any reason. Amazon may suspend or terminate your ad account(s) for severe or repeated Ad Policy violations. All examples are illustrative, and Amazon reserves the right to reject campaigns which do not meet its policies as determined in its sole discretion. For those policies that require prior approval by Amazon, please engage your appropriate client support team.

We periodically update our policies. Please check this page often to ensure that you are always up to date with our latest policy requirements.

Throughout this document, we refer to advertisers as “you/your”, to ad placements on Amazon’s owned-and-operated properties as “ads on Amazon”, and to Amazon DSP offsite as “ads off Amazon”.

For an overview of policies addressing questions that commonly arise, please see our Quick Reference Guide. Please note: This guide is not intended to be a comprehensive overview of all ad policies. It is highlighting some key ad policies that frequently re-occur.