How to build brand creatives to engage Amazon shoppers

Shoppers may judge the quality of a brand by the quality of its creatives. Use high-quality assets to demonstrate that your brand is high quality, and to differentiate your brand from products on Amazon.

As you invest in high-quality assets, remember that Amazon reaches shoppers across many different devices, placements, and regions. It’s important to build assets that work well everywhere.

Use the guidelines below to help you improve your creative asset quality and drive better brand awareness.


In 2021, shoppers engaged 20% more on desktop and 13% more on mobile with ad campaigns when their brand logo met the logo requirements. Logos may appear in different sizes, on different devices, and atop different backgrounds. It’s important to anticipate this when you upload your logo.

  • Completely fill all available space when you upload your logo
  • Only use text that’s large and easy to read
  • Apply a white background color to keep text highly visible in more placements
  • Accurately reflect the brand or product being promoted
Don't examples: logos with small text or shapes


Examples of properly formatted logos in use across Amazon

Brand messages

Shoppers see lots of text on Amazon that describes a product and helps inform a purchase. Instead of giving shoppers additional information, use your brand message to start a conversation. This can help build a brand’s personality and make it more memorable.

  • Use simple words that are easy for everyone to understand
  • Stay relevant to everyone by not calling out a region or group
  • Match the tone of the message to the tone of the brand
  • Clarify how the brand is unique
  • Encourage shoppers to take a next step (without pressuring them to do so)
  • Use the local language for each marketplace
Don't examples: product description and keyword stuffing used as brand messaging


Examples of brand messages that focus attention on the brand more than the product

Lifestyle images

While Sponsored Products campaigns help conversion, Sponsored Brands campaigns help brand discovery and brand loyalty. A brand’s images should focus on how its products add value in real life.

  • Use the highest image resolution possible
  • Use a photo or graphic to show how brand can be part of a positive life experience
  • Maintain focus on the brand or one of its products
  • Show that the brand is for everyone by using diverse models, such as models of all races, ages, weights, and ethnicities
Don't examples: a product image used as a brand image; a collage of images used as a brand image


Examples of brand images that show products as they're used in real life


High-quality videos can build trust with shoppers by giving them key information. Offer details they can’t get from images or text, like a product performing under challenging conditions or a person interacting with your brand.

  • Use text that’s clearly visible over the background
  • Keep text on screen long enough for it to be read
  • Prevent a black screen by avoiding fade ins
  • Speak to shoppers in their local language
  • Drive trust through honest representation
  • Put the most important takeaway in the first few seconds
  • Use captions to reach shoppers without sound