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Remarketing and conversion pixel requirements

Amazon remarketing and conversion pixels help advertisers better reach their intended audience and measure the success of their advertising campaigns that are run through Amazon.

Advertisers that use a remarketing or conversion pixel provided by Amazon must:

  • Publish on your website a privacy policy that includes:
  • Obtain your visitors’ consent and/or satisfy such other applicable legal requirements for the use of pixels by third parties, including Amazon and its Affiliates.
  • Not collect or pass to Amazon any personally identifiable information through the pixel, including but not limited to, names, email addresses, and telephone numbers.
  • Not use any pixels provided by Amazon on any site, app or service directed to children under age 13 (or the age defined by applicable law), or which collect or solicit information from children under age 13 (or the age defined by applicable law).
  • Not use any pixels provided by Amazon to reach audiences based on sensitive personal information, as defined by applicable law, including but not limited to based on financial status or health / medical information.

The agency will contractually require that advertisers comply with these requirements. The agency will be fully responsible for advertisers’ non-compliance with these requirements.