3.0 Amazon Brand Elements

3.1 Amazon Offers

If an ad includes a savings claim based on an Amazon program (such as “Subscribe & Save”), this must be made clear in the ad. For example, if an ad states a “Save 20%” claim based on taking out a Subscribe & Save subscription, the ad must state “Save 20% with Subscribe & Save.”

Ads for ‘Add-on items’ that contain prices or discount claims (for example, "Save 10%") require a disclosure, such as “Minimum purchase required” or “Add-On Item, see details.” Disclosures are not required if the ad does not include price or discount information

3.2 References to Amazon

Ads must not mimic Amazon content. Any uses of Amazon trademarks, or other references to Amazon or its products must comply with the Brand Usage Guidelines.

We prohibit the use of “Amazon’s Choice,” “Amazon Best Seller,” and Amazon ranking in static ads because these elements refresh frequently and may not remain accurate for the duration of the campaign.

3.2.1 Amazon Logo Use

For guidance on the use of the Amazon logo, please reference the Amazon Brand Usage Guidelines.