Amazon pixelling guidelines

Review process

A data vendor or ad server must be certified to place pixels, use JS tags or drop cookies on Amazon websites. Vendors not on the list are not certified to run advertiser-paid studies on Amazon websites.

Please send a sample of the pixel or tag to your account team at least two days before the flight date along with a point of contact that can be reached quickly. Fourth-party measurement pixels or tags are not permitted to run unannounced.

Spotlight tags, once used to track view-through conversions, have been made obsolete with the use of Amazon conversion reports, available for all link-in campaigns. We will still be allowing spotlight tags for link-out campaigns, but are no longer permitting them for link-in campaigns.

In your request, please specify:

  1. The measurement vendor
  2. The specific measurement product(s) for which this pixel or tag is intended…
  3. The pixel or tag type (1x1 or JS tag).
  4. All placements within which the pixel or tag is intended to run.
  5. All websites on which the pixel or tag is intended to run (, IMDb, DPReview or other owned and operated properties)
  6. An example of the pixel or tag.

Amazon pixelling policy

Review the following sections to ensure that your advertising campaign meets Amazon’s third-party pixel policies:

Placements and types

  1. JavaScript tags are not permitted within non-IAB slots.
  2. All pixels and tags must be HTTPS-compliant.
  3. No pixels or tags except for DoubleClick’s are permitted in secure pages such as Seller Central, Thank You page or BackToSchool BTF placements.
  4. Flash cookies are not permitted.


  1. Pixels and tags cannot add any measurable latency to the page itself.
  2. Pixels and tags must be edge-cached.
  3. Pixels and tags are limited to triggering only one DNS look-up at most.
  4. Each pixel and tag request must be a direct request. No redirects are allowed.
  5. Pixels and tags must lazy load after the ad is complete.
  6. Pixels and tags must support https traffic at 3,000 or more transactions per second (TPS).
  7. JavaScript size must be under 1K.

Use of cookies

  1. Cookies must expire within the agreed upon time frame in the legal agreement (varies by vendor; please reference the signed legal agreement).
  2. No use of scripts or code that attempt to identify users or browsing history or collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  3. No use of tracking mechanisms, such as cookies, for the purpose of re-targeting, segment categorisation or syndication related to Amazon inventory or users. (Please reference the signed legal agreement.)

Amazon Services LLC (“Amazon”) has set forth the above advertising policies and specifications to help guide advertisers and their agencies in preparing advertisements for display on the Amazon websites. These policies and specifications apply to the advertising creative that appears on Amazon websites, any technology or software used to serve and display the advertisements, and the landing pages that appear when a user clicks on such advertisements (collectively, “Advertiser Content”). This document outlines our standard policies and specifications. Minor differences may exist in international locales (for example,, and Please check with your account team.

These policies are intended to help guide advertisers, but the advertiser is solely liable for the Advertiser Content, notwithstanding Amazon’s acceptance of an insertion order or display of such advertisements.

Amazon reserves the right to add, remove or modify this policy at any time by placing updated advertising policies on Amazon. Amazon reserves the right to reject or remove any advertisements at any time at its sole discretion.

Approving pixels for third-party vendors

Third-party pixels must be approved by Amazon to ensure they are secure and data is not being leaked in any way. To do this, each time a third-party pixel is used in a creative, a request must be sent to our account team to approve it. The third-party pixel must be provided by one of our pre-approved third-party vendors.