Parental control guidelines for Feature Rotator on Fire TV


Amazon has established guidelines for Parental Controls to ensure that we deliver the best on-device experience for our customers. Content will be assessed irrespective of MPAA rating, and instead, all creative materials will be evaluated within the context of our defined guidelines. These guidelines are meant to serve as high-level guidance for Feature Rotator campaigns with the understanding that not every use case is covered below. Maturity filters exclude content for customers with Parental Controls enabled. Please consult with us for any use cases not addressed below. All rules apply to both live action and animation.

Frightening scenes
  • Creative features imagery that is intense or would frighten children, but does not violate other guidelines, is ALLOWED with a MATURITY FILTER.
  • Creative that depicts the aftermath of physical trauma or sensitive events that would shock or offend viewers are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Creative containing imagery (cartooned or realistic) of skulls, ghosts, skeletons or bones in a traumatic or violent context are NOT ALLOWED.
Firearms and weapons
  • Creative that features depictions of realistic weapons such as swords, knives, bows and arrows, and similar weapons is ALLOWED as long as the weapon is not bloody, or used in a violent or threatening manner against human or animal life.
  • Creative featuring a weapon pointed at the viewer or used against a human is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Creative that features realistic firearms is ALLOWED with a MATURITY FILTER as long as it is not pointed directly at a character or directed towards the customer, nor handled by a minor. Guns must be 90 degrees or more to left/right if subject is facing screen.
  • In a fantastical context such as superhero films, a MATURITY FILTER must be applied if a weapon is used against or pointed at a cartooned character.
Blood and gore
  • Creatives featuring excessive amounts of blood are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Creative may feature minor traces of blood as long as it is minimised and darkened, but without additional elements of violence or gore. A MATURITY FILTER must be applied if the creative has any presence of blood that is not darkened.
  • Presence of alcohol, alcohol memorabilia or bottles is ALLOWED in creative.
  • Creative that associates drinking with motor vehicles or driving or promotes excessive consumption are NOT ALLOWED.
  • A MATURITY FILTER must be applied if adults in creative are consuming alcohol.
Sexually explicit
  • Sexually explicit or overly suggestive imagery, including suggestive undressing, is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Creative featuring overtly sexual imagery and images of fully naked intimate body parts is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Creative featuring partial nudity (e.g. swimming costumes) in a non-sexualised setting is ALLOWED.
  • Intentionally blurred nudity in a non-sexualised setting is ALLOWED with a MATURITY FILTER.
  • Creative that promotes cruelty or violence towards animals are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Promotion of content based entirely on violence is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Creative depicting excessive violence or gore, such as dismemberments, open wounds or excessive bleeding are NOT ALLOWED.
  • If creative promotes professional fighting, a MATURITY FILTER must be applied.
  • Creative that depicts consumption/use of tobacco or tobacco-related products, including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, tobacco pipes, hookahs and electronic cigarettes are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Creative that features presence of cigarettes, cigars or related packaging of tobacco products, but not consumption, may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Creative featuring and/or promoting the consumption of drugs is NOT ALLOWED.
  • A MATURITY FILTER must be applied if creative features drugs or drug memorabilia.
Controversial symbols
  • Creative featuring foul, vulgar or obscene language or language containing profanity, including graphic or suggestive language are NOT ALLOWED.
  • If creative features obscured profanity (such as s@#t or WTF), a MATURITY FILTER must be applied.
  • Creative featuring normal bodily functions such as flatulence and vomiting are ALLOWED as long as it does not promote the sale or use of unsafe substances or supplements.
  • Creative featuring excessive or prolonged visuals of bodily functions that would lead a customer to feel disgusted are NOT ALLOWED.