The top benefits of video marketing

January 21, 2021 | By Rebecca Fontana, Sr. Editorial Manager

With the help of Amazon Ads, marketers can create video ad campaigns that help reach a broader audience and create relevant brand moments. Brands can also measure the performance of video ads and compare them to static ads. We’re sharing four of the benefits of video marketing from Ranji Bissessar, a Senior Product Marketing Manager for video at Amazon Ads.

This year, adults in America will spend two-and-a-half hours per day (two hours and 29 minutes) viewing digital video.1 And it’s projected that within the next year, 82% of global internet traffic will come from video streaming.2 “Two-thirds of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product or service than read about it,” Bissessar shared.3 For advertisers, this can be a huge opportunity.

As video viewership rises, it’s worth taking note of how and where customers are watching these videos. Advertisers should make sure their video creative is optimized for all formats and display sizes, considering views on both desktop and mobile devices. Here are some of the latest video advertising trends and how brands can create relevant and engaging video ads.

1. Streaming TV ads can reach a broad audience

One type of video ads for marketers to consider is streaming TV ads, which are long-form videos streamed on devices. These full-screen ads can play before or during movies, TV shows, sporting events, and livestreams. That includes shows on both network and broadcast apps, too. Amazon’s Streaming TV ads and Twitch can reach 135MM+ unduplicated monthly US customers.4 Plus, streaming TV ads work well with your existing advertising mix – “our research has shown that advertisers that used display ads, Sponsored Brands video, and Amazon Streaming TV ads together saw an average increase in detail page view rate by 88% and purchase rate by 90%,” Bissessar said.5

2. Interactive Video Ads can engage audiences

Interactive video ads go a step further in helping audiences discover your brand, encouraging customers to directly engage with brands. Interactive Video Ads on IMDb TV on Fire TV allow customers to browse products and make purchases with their voice or remote. Other interactive ad solutions include Interactive Audio Ads, which are 10- to 30-second audio ads on the ad-supported tier of Amazon Music. Both these and Interactive Video Ads can encourage shoppers to buy products without disrupting their TV or music experience.

3. Creative video ads can improve brand presence

There are even more options for creating video ads. For example, there are videos for Amazon’s Stores, and video ads shared on third-party sites and apps are a way to reach customers ranywhere they spend their time. “These videos can also range from testimonials, product walk-throughs, to how-to videos, all in one spot,” Bissessar said. Creative ad formats and styles can help expand the presence of a brand, showing up in articles, on TVs, or embedded within other videos.

4. Video ad KPIs can measure success

Amazon Ads video solutions offers details on ad campaigns to help brands measure their success. By looking at the video completion rate of ads, marketers can gain insights into what their audience responds well to and the potential relevance your ad is garnering. Two other key performance indicators (KPIs) that Bissessar recommended looking at for brands that sell in Amazon’s store are branded searches and new-to-brand metrics which can help you link ads to shopping actions and show you the level of exposure your brand has received with shoppers who were not previously engaged with your brand. These metrics help you to gauge the lift in brand perception that resulted from your ad campaign.

Video ads can be of great interest to viewers who are streaming video and are potentially new customers. Their time spent streaming provides the opportunity to share your video ads. The right combination of creative experiences, insights, and measurement tools can help brands deliver more relevant ads to their audiences. So, whether you want to showcase a new brand or increase the engagement of existing customers, video ads could be a solution.

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