Welcome to the Amazon Ads Partner Awards

Amazon Ads partners innovate for their clients’ brands all year long. Now it’s time to celebrate their great work.

Congratulations to our 2023 Partner Awards finalists


Amazon Ads partners create and engineer new worlds of experience to help advertisers bring their stories to life in the Amazon store, and all that great work deserves recognition.

That’s why we were thrilled to host the 2023 Partner Awards - a program that honors and celebrates the bold, creative work that partners continue to deliver for their clients. Recognizing visionary campaigns, the awards highlight Amazon Ads partners’ tactical and technological acumen across our suite of Amazon Ads products. It’s a way for agencies and solution providers to show what’s possible with advertising excellence.

What does it mean to win an award?

These awards represent a space for partners to tell their latest success story, and they allow Amazon Ads to highlight the exceptional work that partners have created for their advertiser clients and Amazon customers.

Some perks that award-winning partners enjoy :


Earn recognition from Amazon Ads by publicly sharing finalist or award-winner status with a physical and digital trophy.


Gain visibility through Amazon Ads marketing channels, including the blog, homepage, dedicated emails, and social media.


An invitation for finalists to attend the Partner Awards ceremonial gala.

Business development

Showcase your success by gaining access to additional business development opportunities such as events, case studies, and webinars.

How it works

The Amazon Ads Partner Awards recognizes advanced or verified status partners who are registered within the Amazon Ads Partner Network and who have brought creativity, innovation, and excellence to their advertising clients.

Partners were required to complete the 2023 Partner Awards application, detailing how their company achieved specified goals and drove advertising success on behalf of a client (advertiser). The judging process examined every aspect of a campaign, from concept to application to results. The 2023 judges included a mix of independent third parties from the industry and internal experts at Amazon. Judges looked for entries that were inspiring, impactful, and effective.

Applications for the 2023 Partner Awards have closed and finalists have been announced. Winners will be announced onstage at the Partner Awards gala in October, and all finalists have been invited to attend and enjoy the evening of celebration, networking, and fun.

Key dates.

Entries opened

May 1

Entries closed

Jun 9

Finalists announced

Sep 12

Winners announced

Oct 23

2023 Finalists

Amazon Ads partners have created exceptional campaigns for brands around the world. Now it is our time to honor and amplify their remarkable work.

This year’s Amazon Ads Partner Awards will recognize Partner Network–verified or advanced partners who captivated audiences with outstanding advertising campaigns that ran between May 2022 and April 2023. Winners will be announced at unBoxed 2023 this October.

Our judges have their work cut out for them. It’s been a year like no other, with more partner entries to choose from than ever before. They’ve narrowed the field to 30 finalists in five categories. We invite you to read their stories.

Congratulations to each of our finalists! We’re immensely impressed by your creativity and mastery.

Performance Award

Performance Award

Performance Award finalists drove substantial business growth for their clients’ brands and engaged shoppers by using Amazon Ads products across the customer journey. Our judges will recognize three winners for this category — one for the Americas, one for EMEA, and one for APAC.

AMER Finalists

Ad Advance

Ad Advance secured a finalist spot for the 2023 Americas Performance Award with their strategic approach to acquiring new and loyal customers for supplement brand Tru Niagen. Faced with the substantial challenge of building a loyal base for a high-priced consumable item, Ad Advance used a full-funnel Amazon Ads product strategy to maximize customer conversions. The result? Tru Niagen had its most successful sales quarter ever, with an impressive increase in new-to-brand orders.

Incrementum Digital

Niche clothing brand Thermal J was facing a flurry of challenges. Incrementum Digital, a finalist for the 2023 Americas Performance Award, launched a multilayered strategy to maximize Thermal J’s online presence, optimizing the brand’s listings, expand their micro-influencer partnerships, and driving exposure.

Momentum Commerce and Ampd

Looking to distinguish itself in a world saturated with budget alternatives, wellness brand Therabody turned to the winning combination of Momentum Commerce and Ampd. The duo are finalists for the 2023 Americas Performance Award thanks to their innovative partnership and approach to showcasing the brand’s premium products, especially TheraFace. Their efforts redefined Therabody’s Amazon presence, setting a fresh tone for health and wellness campaigns and helping the brand drive performance in a crowded space.

Learn more about Momentum Commerce and Ampd’s capabilities

EMEA Finalists

Global Overview

A finalist for the 2023 EMEA Performance Award, Global Overview helped natural nut butter brand Pip & Nut crack a fresh comeback strategy after they experienced a sales dip. Global Overview whipped up a perfect blend, deploying astute Amazon Ad techniques and utilizing high-traffic moments. Their actions not only rejuvenated Pip & Nut’s brand visibility but also demonstrated the power of adaptability in a challenging time for sales.

Unicorn Orange

Unicorn Orange, a finalist for the 2023 EMEA Performance Award, championed sustainability focused mouth-care company Waken by freshening up their sales strategy. Even after tripling their ad spending, Waken was having trouble breaking through the revenue ceiling, struggling to surpass their ambitious income target. By embracing custom audiences through the Amazon DSP and eye-catching creatives, Unicorn Orange successfully amplified consumers' awareness of Waken’s products while boosting their returns.

Zenith UK Media

When long-established pet food company Purina needed to stretch their budget to reach their lofty sales goals, they reached out to Zenith UK Media — and Zenith UK Media came through. This finalist for the 2023 EMEA Performance Award did away with overly isolated advertising strategies by combining different tactics and establishing impressive yet achievable sales-oriented goals. Purina's sales were boosted thanks to Zenith UK Media's new tricks.

APAC Finalists


Adbrew secured a finalist position for the 2023 APAC Performance Award when they skilfully brought lingerie brand Clovia back into the limelight after they found themselves overlooked amid an expansive catalog of more than 50,000 SKUs and a shrinking share of voice. From optimizing campaign structures to adopting new Amazon Ads products, Adbrew’s strategy did wonders for Clovia’s digital presence.


digitalFirst, a finalist for the 2023 APAC Performance Award, dolled up K-beauty line AGE 20’s with a flawless fusion of strategic ads and comprehensive marketing. After the release of their hero product on Amazon in Japan, digitalFirst helped AGE 20’s spread brand awareness by highlighting their higher-value items, which took product sales to stunning new heights.

LSM Global

When Square entered Japan, they faced a dual challenge: The point-of-sale category was new to Japan, and — even more importantly — absent on Amazon. 2023 APAC Performance Award finalist LSM Global saw this not as an obstacle but as an opportunity to build awareness for the category as well as for Square’s products. Through a balance of sponsored ads and engaging brand store experiences, LSM Global elevated Square Japan’s payment systems, garnering attention and powering sales.

Challenger Award

Challenger Award

Amazon Ads partners are often challenged to deliver impactful strategies under tight resource constraints. This award recognizes when partners succeed in achieving and surpassing their clients’ business objectives despite resource limitations. Challenger Award winners use creative thinking to deliver campaigns that maximize the impact of their clients’ brands. We will choose three winners in this category — one each for the Americas, EMEA, and APAC

AMER Finalists

Incrementum Digital

A finalist for the 2023 Americas Challenger Award, Incrementum Digital transformed healthcare brand Gencare's approach to their Amazon strategy. Faced with competition from larger corporations, Incrementum Digital wielded the power of insights and precise timing to help optimize Gencare’s budgets and maximize sales. Incrementum Digital’s touch on Gencare’s listings paved the way for a successful campaign, yielding a marked increase in conversion rate and average order value.

Lab 916

KOBO, a family owned and operated soy candle company, needed help on their path to success. Lab 916, a finalist for the 2023 Americas Challenger Award, produced the spark KOBO needed. Faced with a tight budget, Lab 916 deployed a critical blend of listing optimization and efficient ad spending to boost KOBO’s standing. This approach propelled remarkable sales growth, surpassing expectations and blazing the way for the candle brand’s future.


Health brand Welly was making a name for itself — but slowly. Tinuiti, a finalist for the 2023 Americas Challenger Award, was tasked with optimizing Welly’s advertising strategy. Tinuiti thoughtfully prioritized and reimagined Welly’s campaign tactics amid a significant year-over-year budget cut. Their impressive strategy met Welly’s targets and then exceeded all expectations, turning a tight budget into a successful opportunity for growth.

EMEA Finalists

Adbrew and Seller Presto

Adbrew and Seller Presto, finalists for the 2023 EMEA Challenger Award, brought their combined might to the aid of fitness brand LEAN with Lilly and its new supplement, Daily Superfood Greens. This young company was working to stand out on Amazon but faced strong competition from established brands. Adbrew and Seller Presto used strategic keyword targeting and monitoring to transform the supplement industry for LEAN with Lilly, helping them grow their customer base despite a broad field of strong competitors.

Learn more about Adbrew and Seller Presto’s capabilities

Tambo Marketplaces

EMEA Challenger Award finalist Tambo Marketplaces came up with a fresh, compelling strategy to make a name for oat milk brand Califia Farms, despite the challenge of well-known players with big budgets in the British plant-based milk space. By prioritizing prominence through high-visibility keywords, Califia Farms strengthened their category position and even reached bestseller status during Veganuary, the UK’s annual plant-food challenge.

Venture Forge

EMEA Challenger Award finalist Venture Forge had the special sauce that pasta brand ZENB needed to make its mark, and they did it on a shoestring budget. ZENB was looking to stir up the traditional pasta scene with its gluten-free yellow-pea pasta. Venture Forge rolled out an impressive strategy, intertwining ZENB’s unique narrative with custom visuals and video. Their creativity boosted ZENB’s brand on Amazon and showcased the art of introducing something fresh to a classic market.

APAC Finalists

Adbrew and Totalyty

In the saturated snack space, Bounce was hungry for a fresh take that would elevate their sales and increase return on ad spend (ROAS). Working together, Adbrew and Totalyty (finalists for the 2023 APAC Challenger Award) stirred up a mix of precise, metrics-driven and restructured campaigns to reposition the low-carb snack brand and transform Bounce’s Amazon footprint.

Learn more about Adbrew’s and Totalty’s capabilities

O3M Directional Marketing

2023 APAC Challenger Award finalist O3M Directional Marketing supported lingerie brand Naidu Hall as they navigated the Amazon fashion scene with a tight budget and vast product range. The O3M Directional Marketing strategy optimized ad spend and refined campaigns to showcase the brand’s bestselling offerings. Their tactics elevated Naidu Hall’s Amazon presence and increased customer awareness among fashionistas.

Reprise Commerce

The magic of toys like Barbie and Hot Wheels is timeless, but Mattel faced a timely challenge: a strategic partner to help navigate Prime Day 2022. Reprise Commerce, a 2023 APAC Challenger Award finalist, came to the forefront, adjusting budgets and optimizing campaigns. Their approach turned the game around for Mattel, helping the toy brand achieve their best-ever Prime Day.

Global Expansion Award

Global Expansion Award

Finalists in the Global Expansion category facilitated their clients’ global growth ambitions by tailoring campaigns for diverse markets, enabling scalable growth in multiple countries. These partners adeptly adjusted campaign strategies to ensure brand success, no matter the geographical location. Judges will announce one Global Expansion Award winner.



Podean, now a finalist for the 2023 Global Expansion Award, crafted an inventive range of advertising strategies to increase e.l.f. Cosmetics’ brand visibility. Using Podean’s Retail-Powered Media Planning framework, e.l.f. Cosmetics boosted their Amazon revenue and achieved unprecedented growth, expanding from their primary U.S. beauty segment to the UK and Canada, progressing toward their goal of becoming a global beauty icon.

Reprise Commerce

Luxury denim company G-Star RAW had already established its brand throughout Europe, but when diminishing returns threatened to slow their growth, they brought 2023 Global Expansion finalist Reprise Commerce on board. Reprise Commerce stepped up to the challenge. They tailored a meticulous, finely tuned strategy for each of G-Star RAW’s European markets, stimulating ad sales and attracting the attention of new-to-brand customers.

Wise Commerce

Wise Commerce’s successful collaboration with Sensibo, an Internet of Things (IoT) climate tech brand, is what earned them a spot as a Global Expansion finalist. Sensibo wanted to introduce their climate-control products to homes around the world. To accomplish this, Wise Commerce took an insights-driven approach to build, analyse, and adjust campaigns as they grew — crafting a crisp narrative accompanied by vivid visuals, emphasizing Sensibo’s energy-saving expertise. This narrative demonstrated a great expansion story that amplified Sensibo’s global brand, helping to highlight their commitment to a greener tomorrow.

Technology Innovation Award

Technology Innovation Award

The Technology Innovation category recognizes partners that built advanced technical tools to deliver inventive advertising solutions that scale. Finalists in this category creatively enhanced Amazon Ads advanced tools or AdTech products to drive efficiency. Judges will select one global winner of the Technology Innovation Award.



Pay-per-click software developer Adbrew has cracked the code for precise ad budget allocation, which helped secure them a finalist title for the 2023 Technology Innovation Award. Adbrew’s technology automatically allocates budgets based on real-time metrics, helping companies optimize campaign performance while saving time and resources.


Quartile is a finalist for the 2023 Technology Innovation Award thanks to their partnership with Dr. Squatch. In a world full of established (consumer packaged goods) CPG companies, the personal care brand needed to scale their strategy and distinguish themselves from peers — specifically during peak shopping seasons. With metrics-driven methods and proprietary technology, Quartile helped Dr. Squatch reshape their campaigns, captivate new audiences, and find a golden opportunity in the competitive field.

XMars, powered by SparkXGlobal

Advertisers can face many challenges, from seasonal demand surges to ever-present resource constraints. To overcome these obstacles, XMars, powered by SparkXGlobal launched AI-driven tools Smart Creation and AI Autopilot, which streamline the creation and management of ad campaigns. Securing them a spot as a finalist for the 2023 Technology Innovation Award, SparkXGlobal’s tech has been helping brands like Sunnydaze use Amazon Ads, carving out paths to efficiency and success.

Creative Brand Building Award

Creative Brand Building Award

Storytelling lies at the heart of brand building, so this award recognizes those partners making the most of brand-building capabilities from Amazon Ads to craft and share a brand’s unique story. Each of the finalists drove sustained engagement and awareness with a cohesive marketing strategy. In this category, judges will name two winners: one partner that worked with an endemic advertiser and one that worked with a non-endemic advertiser

Endemic Award Finalists

Global Overview

Facing stalled sales and low traffic, superfood company Laird needed a new narrative that effectively communicated their brand’s value. Global Overview, a finalist for the 2023 Creative Brand-Building Award, navigated Laird's brand journey to fresher waters. Through strategic budgeting, fresh creatives, and a dual-phase campaign, Global Overview transformed Laird’s Amazon presence, helping them reconnect with customers and foster an increase in sales.

VMLY&R Commerce & Stackline

Collaborating partners, VMLY&R Commerce and Stackline, cooked up a General Mills campaign that exceptionally showcased the power of purpose, earning them spots as 2023 Creative Brand-Building Award finalists. To reinforce General Mills’ commitment to sustainability, the duo curated nature documentaries on Prime Video. For every hour watched, the National Park Foundation received one dollar. This campaign planted seeds of connection between consumers and nature while encouraging them to purchase select General Mills products.

Learn more about VMLY&R Commerce and Stackline’s capabilities

Wunderman Thompson

Wunderman Thompson, a finalist for the 2023 Creative Brand-Building Award, cooked up a fresh look for long-established cat food brand Whiskas as they prepared to launch a reformulated cat food recipe. Wunderman Thompson designed an enticing brand shop and interactive content to increase awareness, solidify loyalty, and reach new customers. This approach reaffirmed Whiskas’ position as the tastiest and most sustainable choice for feline fine dining.

Non-endemic Finalists


Non-endemic Amazon advertiser, LG Display, aspired to make their OLED technology the crowning jewel of the premium TV offerings. LG Display turned to Creative Brand Building finalist, digitalFirst who worked with Amazon’s creative team to craft a strategy that spotlighted LG Display’s offerings while reaching potential OLED TV audiences. Thanks to digitalFirst, LG Display was able to highlight their expertise and harness insights that drove their sales upward.


Travel company TUI was already well-known as a travel, leisure, and tourism company when they asked EssenceMediacom, a 2023 Creative Brand Building Award finalist, to reshape, refine, and expand their narrative. By producing a gastronomic adventure show featuring renowned connoisseurs Fred Sirieix and Jay Rayner, EssenceMediacom intertwined travel and cuisine in a subtle showcase of TUI’s vast travel offerings. That creative touch helped establish TUI as a one-stop shop for five-star getaways.

iProspect, a Dentsu company

iProspect, a Dentsu company, secured a finalist spot for the 2023 Creative Brand-Building Award when they redefined innovation in launching ING’s Cuenta NoCuenta, an entirely digital bank account. To connect with young adult audiences, iProspect designed a two-part campaign fusing branded content with high-quality creatives, culminating in the ING-produced documentary Nomads. With an astounding engagement rate and a strong impact on their intended audience, iProspect reinforced ING’s position as a digital banking pioneer.

2021 and 2022 winners and finalists

In 2021, we launched the Amazon Ads Partner Awards, and partners had the opportunity to apply across four award categories with entries open to partners who had developed a client campaign or a technology solution that drove impact for a client advertising in the UK within the past year. In 2022, this was expanded to include the U.S. In 2023, we developed the categories further and allowed partners worldwide to have the opportunity to apply.

View winning case studies from 2022 and 2021 below to hear about their campaigns.

Brand-Building Award

This award recognized a partner who utilized the suite of Amazon Ads brand-building products to help their client tell an engaging brand story, accelerate brand growth, and foster more meaningful customer connections.

2022 Winner and Finalists

Winner – UK


Awarded to EssenceMediacom for their full-funnel seasonal campaign with Coca-Cola, which used multiple Amazon touchpoints to expand Coca-Cola’s reach and brand equity, delighting festive season audiences, and exceeding the client’s reach objective by 45%.1

Winner – US

Marshall Associates

Awarded to Marshall Associates for their successful full-funnel strategy, which paired creative assets and media strategy with impactful messaging across sponsored ads and Amazon DSP to help Active Skin Repair reach more health-conscious shoppers and achieve record total sales figures (+66% increase in YoY ordered product sales).2

Winner – US

Team One

Awarded to Team One for their innovative Amazon Ads multichannel campaign, which used Streaming TV ads, a livestream game on Twitch, audio ads, and display ads on IMDb to increase brand engagement and awareness for their all-new Lexus NX SUV page by 187% YoY.3

2021 Winner and Finalists

Winner – UK

Amerge Ltd.

Awarded to Amerge for delivering a full end-to-end branding strategy for the WaterWipes biodegradable launch campaign, which resulted in rapid brand lift for the baby wipes brand.

Performance Growth Award

This award recognizes partners who leveraged Amazon Ads products to help their clients reach and engage shoppers across the customer journey and achieve substantial performance growth.

2022 Winner and Finalists

Winner – UK


Awarded to Media.Monks for their partnership with Philips DA UK, Media.Monks launched a full-funnel Amazon DSP media buying strategy that helped grow Philips DA UK’s revenue on Amazon beyond their goal of 50% YoY.4

Winner – US

Global Overview

Awarded to Global Overview for their partnership with supplement brand Tru Niagen. Global Overview developed an omnichannel strategy that resulted in a 61% increase of monthly new-to-brand shoppers and a 170% increase in subscribe and save (SNS) subscriptions.5

2021 Winner and Finalists

Winner – UK

Vyper Global

Awarded to Vyper Global for their work with teeth-whitening brand Smile Science Harley Street, which helped the dental cosmetics company grow on Amazon.co.uk and achieved new sales highs for the brand.

Scaled Technology Award

This award recognizes partners who leveraged the Amazon Ads API to develop innovative technologies that create efficiencies and helped their clients scale quickly and expand into new regions around the globe.

2022 Winner and Finalists

Winner – UK

Merkle and Pacvue

Awarded to collaborating partners Merkle and Pacvue for leveraging their innovative technology to help speed up client Cisco’s ad campaign optimization and increase their return on ad spend (ROAS) by 22% across five countries.6

Winner – US


Awarded to Quartile for their three-phased, AI-powered strategy, which helped client Restaurantware achieve a 3x increase in sales and sharpen their presence in the Home and Kitchen category in the Amazon store.7

2021 Winner and Finalists

Winner – UK

Amerge Ltd.

Awarded to Amerge for their holistic technology, which combined the best of Amazon Ads API, the Vendor API, and Selling Partner API to help drive global growth for their client Joseph Joseph.

Innovation Award

This award recognizes partners who demonstrated entirely new ways of thinking, by developing innovative features or services that solved a client need and drove measurable results.

2022 Winner and Finalists

Winner – UK

Amerge Ltd.

Awarded to Amerge for their unified product database that produces ASIN-level total ROAS, which helped gaming company HyperX optimize their ad spend and overachieve their initial goal of 30% month-over-month total sales in most countries.8

Winner – US

Amerge Ltd.

Awarded to Amerge Ltd. for their bespoke Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) cloud solution to help book publisher Loft Troll develop an overall view of ad campaign performance, automate manual processes, and craft a multilayered strategy to reach new audiences, resulting in a monthly ROI between 146% and 213%.9

2021 Winner and Finalists

Winner – UK


Awarded to Nozzle for the launch of their Customer Analytics Tool and the success that their new innovation drove for client Buddy and Lola.

We look forward to welcoming many new partners into our Partner Network in 2023. Learn more about Amazon Ads Partner Network to find a partner or become one, and view the partners winning their awards at the 2022 Gala.

1 Mediacom, UK, 11/22/21 - 12/31/21. n= 28.9m unique reach
2 Marshall Associates, US, 01/01/22 - 06/15/22. n= 43 Million Impressions, 97K Detail Page Views
3 Team One, US, 3/1/22 – 10/4/22. n= 31.9MM unique users and Twitch benchmarks: Total Views, Total Unique Viewers, Peak Concurrent Viewers, Minutes Watched'
4 Media.Monks, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, 1/6/21 - 1/6/22. n= 250-270MM users
5 Global Overview, DSP for this client in CA, DE and UK, but this submission was based off US, 1/1/22-4/30/22, n= [<DS>] Cumulative Reach 1/1/22-4/30/22 across all DSP/STV campaigns = 15,026,298
6 Merkle and Pacvue , UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, 5/2/21 - 7/31/21. n= Impressions 75,300,489 and clicks 89,785
7 Quartile, US, 10/01/21 - 12/31/21. n= 493,790 reach
8 Amerge, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, 03/01/22 - 3/31/22. n= UK 2,075,203 / DE 3,533,192 / FR 1,399,483 / IT 981,588 / ES 1,223,641 DSP Cumulative Reach
9 Amerge, US, 01/04/22 - 03/31/22. N= 1,039,109 DSP Cumulative Reach

The case studies, insights, figures, results, and other data presented here were based on the extraordinary performance of the winning campaigns featured in the 2022 Amazon Ads Partner Awards. The information provided is intended as observation and commentary, not as a recommendation or advice. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.


Is there still a chance to apply for the 2023 Partner Awards?
  • Entries for the 2023 Partner Awards have now closed. Finalists have been announced and are available to view here onstage at Partner Awards gala in October.
What was the criteria to enter in 2023?
  • The Amazon Ads partner must have achieved advanced or verified partner status by Amazon Ads to enter the Partner Awards..
  • The advertiser you feature in your case study must be linked to your company within your Partner Network account.
  • Submission(s) must demonstrate a client campaign that drove impact for your client advertising over the past year (from May 2022 to April 2023).
  • Your client may be a vendor, seller, or a non-endemic advertiser and can be based anywhere in the world. However, they must be advertising in the country you’re applying to be considered for an award.
  • If applying to the Performance or Challenger categories, submit an application that demonstrated a successful campaign delivered in either AMER, EMEA or APAC.
  • If applying for the Creative Brand Building, Technology Innovation, or Global Expansion categories, you will need to submit an application to demonstrate your work based on a successful advertising campaign strategy. The campaign strategy could have taken place in any country or region worldwide
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the program.
What was the judging process?
  • Judging followed a two-step process: First, our preliminary round of judges read and pre-scored all entry forms, considering any supporting materials submitted. All judges’ pre-scores were then combined, and the highest scoring entries advanced to our executive judging round. In the second judging round judges reviewed, scored, and discussed shortlisted entries to determine finalists and winners.
How was my application judged?

Every Amazon Ads partner who entered the awards was judged purely on the contents of their entry files and graded against other submissions within the same award category and region. Judges utilized the criteria below to score entries. The list below is not a hierarchical list, and the judging panel may attribute a different weight to each criterion.

  • Quality of entry: Was the entry clear, descriptive and informative?
  • Level of difficulty of the challenge or problem that the entrant solved for
  • Innovation in the entrant’s advertising approach
  • Demonstration of excellence with Amazon Ads products
  • Results delivered base on the client’s objectives
  • Customer obsession and overall business impact
What do the finalists and winners receive?
  • In addition to being spotlighted through Amazon Ads marketing channels, finalists and winners will receive a physical and digital trophy. Winners may also be considered for additional Amazon Ads marketing opportunities throughout the year.
How may Amazon use the information I provide in my award application?
  • We will use the information to assess your submission and determine winners. We may also use submissions to exemplify Amazon Ads success in future marketing materials and for other purposes.
Was there a specific budget limit for the Challenger Award?
  • There was not an explicit budget limit to be eligible for the Challenger award. However, applicants were required to clearly outline the budget or resource limitations in their entry. Judges were looking for submissions that demonstrate creative-thinking, innovative tactics, and overall efficiency to deliver results that exceeded expectations based on the resources or budget available
Could I submit an application blinded (i.e without disclosing the advertiser) ?

Each client required a client release form, unless applying to the Technology Innovation Award, in which a partner may submit a case study that is blinded (e.g., does not feature any brand names, etc.).