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Here’s everything small-business advertisers need to know to grow their business and reach more customers during Amazon’s epic shopping event on July 16 and 17.

Increase your brand awareness, consideration, and sales

During last year’s event, Prime members purchased more than 375 million items worldwide and saved more than $2.5 billion on millions of deals across the Amazon store, making it the biggest Prime Day event in Amazon’s history. In addition, brands that advertised leading up to and during the event showed a 216% increase in awareness and 214% increase in considerations, compared to the week before.1

Amazon also hit a milestone in 2023 by delivering to Prime members at the fastest speeds throughout the year.

Your ultimate guide to Prime Day

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Prime Day best practices

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Prime Day advertising skills

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Prime Day intel

Find out how it got started and became the momentous occasion it is today.

Check out some of the best-selling items from Prime Day 2023.

Prime Day success stories

Find out how Affirm was successful with their custom Brand Stores hub on Prime Day.

Lumineux wanted to build brand awareness for their teeth-whitening products during Prime Day. Here's how they did it.

Learn how outdoor equipment brand Greenworks drove sales during Prime Day.

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What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is an Amazon shopping event offering deals and discounts to Prime members. It can be an excellent brand-building opportunity for advertisers looking to reach audiences and raise awareness.

When is Prime Day?

Amazon’s 10th Prime Day event returns July 16 and 17, 2024. See our complete retail holiday calendar for more.

Where can Prime members participate in Prime Day?

Prime Day will kick off on July 16 in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the U.S., and the UK. Prime members in India can shop on Prime Day later this summer.

1 Amazon internal data, 2023