Share of Voice package helps boost Lumineux sales on Prime Day

June 19, 2023 | By Jareen Imam, Sr. Content & Editorial Manager

Lumineux products

Lumineux, a dentist-formulated and -certified nontoxic oral care brand, wanted to introduce their product offerings to reach new customers, break through the clutter, and increase brand awareness during Prime Day, Amazon’s global shopping event exclusively for Prime members. Lumineux worked with Amazon Ads and the agency Vendo to find ways to help increase their brand awareness and introduce their product offerings to help achieve visible long-term oral health benefits to new audiences.

The Amazon Ads team and Vendo worked to develop a marketing strategy geared toward reaching new customers and increasing top-line sales growth. Vendo’s blended advertising strategy focused largely on Sponsored Products and Amazon DSP remarketing. With Sponsored Products, Vendo implemented an effective campaign that used prominent placements in shopping results to help introduce shoppers to Lumineux’s products and deals. They also used a Prime Day Share of Voice (SOV) package, which ran from July 12 to July 13.

In an SOV package, brands can buy a certain percentage of time for their campaigns to run on the event homepage of a tentpole event like Prime Day. This was important because staying top of mind was one of Lumineux’s marketing goals.

“Lumineux wanted to gain new customers and grow their business,” said Gefen Laredo, director of media buying at Vendo. “With the historic success of Vendo’s advertising strategy utilizing all of the tools Amazon Ads has to offer, it only made sense to invest heavily in advertising alongside Lumineux’s other marketing tools to help drive maximum growth and results. Amazon Ads has been a major contributor to Lumineux’s growth and ability to reach new customers, and the relevant strategies employed by Vendo seek to maximize that growth.”

Lumineux on Amazon
Lumineux on Amazon prime day campaign

A big challenge during tentpole events can be figuring out how to help your brand to stand out. “By providing audiences with a great deal and creating the opportunity for tens of millions of impressions across multiple inventory placements in the Amazon store, Vendo ensured that Lumineux was a brand that customers would remember in the teeth-whitening space,” Laredo said. “This touches on another challenge, which was deciding which part of the advertising funnel was most valuable. With Amazon DSP remarketing, Vendo was able to invest heavily in the bottom of the funnel to support top-of-funnel efforts. This helped the top-of-funnel placements to end up converting through multi-touch engagement with audiences.”

Overall, the campaign was a success for the brand, Vendo said. After launching the SOV package, the brand observed more than 33 million impressions. These results were based on the specific SOV package purchased by Lumineux.

“With Amazon DSP remarketing, Vendo ensured that certain audiences who visited a product detail page were reengaged on or after Prime Day, connecting with thousands of customers as a result,” said Laredo. “Finally, securing a homepage placement for Lumineux helped to inform millions of consumers about the brand’s products and provided a huge remarketing opportunity for Lumineux through Amazon DSP once they visited Lumineux product pages.”

Additionally, the agency helped Lumineux increase reach with new-to-brand customers through the campaign and was also successful at engaging repeat customers.

“Vendo has had immense success with Amazon Ads. Our Amazon Ads representatives have been phenomenal, and the growth we have driven for our clients has been great. The reporting was on time, and the performance was stellar,” Laredo said.

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