Sponsored ads

Generate sales, stay top of mind and increase brand love

Amazon sponsored ads help advertisers of all sizes create brand affinity, increase sales and stand out to shoppers both on and off Amazon.

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Create a strategy with simple-to-use tools

Set up campaigns in just a few minutes and control your costs so you know how much you’re spending on your advertising.

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Reach more potential customers

Brands can grow with ads that connect with new customers and inspire current customers to keep coming back.

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Stay top of mind with your audience

Be in front of customers where they are actively spending their time on Amazon and beyond.

Featured solutions

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Small businesses using Amazon Ads attributed 30% of their sales to our ads.1

Sponsored Products

With its highly visible ad placements, self-service interface, and diverse campaign optimization options, Sponsored Products can help advertisers of all experience levels elevate their product discoverability and sell their products efficiently on the Amazon store.

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Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands promotes brand discovery and consideration by using static and video brand creatives in the shopper journey, and helps increase traffic to a brand Store or product detail page. By using highly engaging and prominently placed ads on Amazon, Sponsored Brands helps advertisers grow brands and engage shoppers with brand stories and product offerings.

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Sponsored Display

Designed for businesses of any size and budget, whether or not you sell on Amazon, Sponsored Display can help advertisers easily discover and reach relevant audiences. Tailor display advertising campaigns based on goals. With its dynamically optimized creatives, businesses can engage audiences across their shopping and entertainment journeys both on and off Amazon.

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Stores is a free way for brands to educate, convert and build long-term relationships with shoppers by featuring their product portfolio and telling their brand story.

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Educational resources


This course designed for new advertisers, covers foundational topics and strategies to help you run high quality campaigns. Through this boot camp, we’ll teach you how to set up campaigns to match your goals, analyze performance data, and implement best practices to improve performance.

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What are sponsored ads?

Sponsored ads is a suite of self-service ad solutions that work together to help advertisers engage with shoppers across their buying journey to achieve their marketing goals.

How much does it cost to use sponsored ads?

Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands are cost-per-click (CPC) ads. This means you place a bid on the maximum amount you’re willing to pay when a shopper clicks an ad for your product. Sponsored Display also supports CPC, as well as cost-per-thousand viewable impression (vCPM) billing options. If you’re just getting started in digital advertising, Stores, Posts and Brand Follow are free.

How do you run sponsored ads?

Sponsored ads products are run through the Amazon Ads console and Amazon Ads API.

Where do sponsored ads appear?

Sponsored ads may be displayed on the Amazon store homepage, on top of, alongside or within shopping results, and on desktop and mobile. Sponsored Display ads in particular can be found across Amazon’s owned and operated pages as well as off Amazon on third-party apps and websites.

How do you optimize sponsored ads campaigns?

Sponsored ads solutions use Amazon’s first-party signals and machine learning to make faster and more accurate optimizations and recommendations for you when you set up and launch your campaigns.

How do you measure sponsored ads campaigns?

Sponsored ads offers unified, reliable, near-real-time and actionable measurement solutions so you have more transparency in measuring your campaign performance, and can accurately quantify the return on your marketing investment.


1 Amazon internal data, January – December 2022. U.S. advertisers using Amazon Ads including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and/or Sponsored Display. Aggregated average results are based on past observations and not indicative of future performance.