Get your products ready for advertising success

DECEMBER 9, 2019

By Lauren Tran
Content Marketing Manager

You’ve made the investment in sponsored ads to help Amazon customers discover your products and make informed buying decisions. Now, support that investment and help enhance your performance by taking a closer look at your advertised products.

The quality of your product information and detail page can have a direct impact on your advertising performance and sales results. Improvements to a few key areas can help get your ads in front of customers, engage them once they reach your product detail page, and ensure they have a positive experience and the right information to make a purchase decision.

5 steps toward advertising success

1. Add a strong title to your product detail page

Remember that shoppers who click on products featured in your ad will be taken to a product detail page, and a strong page can help convert that click into a sale. So start your product content off strong with an accurate, descriptive title featuring the most relevant product keywords and information.

2. Monitor customer ratings and reviews

Star ratings and customer reviews can be valuable for Amazon shoppers because they help build credibility and trust with your brand’s products. They can also give shoppers confidence that a product is right for their needs based on feedback from other Amazon shoppers. Aim for your advertised products to have a rating of 3.5 stars or more, and at least 15 customer reviews.

3. Display high-res images and videos

Add several professional, high-resolution images to highlight your product and bring its use cases to life. Use this section to show additional views and angles, key features, and even videos.

4. Create compelling product descriptions and bullets

Write a relevant and useful product description with major product features and warranty information. Include at least five bullet points with customer benefits, product uses, and compatibility information. Make sure to share key descriptive features such as size, color, and size packs.

5. Stay in stock

Staying in stock helps you provide a positive customer experience and avoid lost sales. Your product detail page lets customers know if your item is available for purchase. If inventory is low, it shows the number of products in stock. If inventory is out of stock, ads will pause.