Amazon Ads reaches 40MM+ monthly active viewers of ad-supported streaming TV content

August 26, 2020

By Katherine Vasilopoulos
Senior Product Marketing Manager

We announced in January that advertisers can reach 20MM+ monthly active viewers of ad-supported streaming TV content. Today, we are excited to share that we have since doubled our reach to 40MM+ monthly active viewers of ad-supported streaming TV content. This includes video content across third-party apps, ad-supported live sports, our curated news app, and IMDb TV originals and exclusive movies and shows.

What is OTT?

Over-the-top (OTT), also known as streaming TV, refers to video content streamed over the internet with a streaming device, like Fire TV. This method for viewing content has become mainstream, with 70MM US households watching OTT content for an average of 102 hours per month.1

Today, there are now more than 300 streaming video services (including various ad-free and ad-supported models) in the United States alone, which has challenged advertisers to reach audiences at scale in this fragmented video landscape.2 Now, with Amazon Streaming TV ads, advertisers are able to share their brand story at scale to over 40MM+ monthly active viewers of ad-supported streaming TV content.

What makes Amazon Streaming TV ads unique?

1. High-quality ad inventory: Amazon Streaming TV ads show up alongside high quality content:

  • On top TV networks, including Fox, Discovery, AMC, CNNGo, Bloomberg, CBS, and many more
  • During live sports, like Thursday Night Football
  • On our curated news app
  • During IMDb TV hits, like Star Trek Beyond, Shrek, Life of Pi, Mad Men, Lost, Malcolm in the Middle, and Schitt’s Creek.

2. Amazon Publisher Services (APS) partnership: We're also helping advertisers get more value with their Amazon Streaming TV ads through our unique partnership with Amazon Publisher Services (APS), which enables advertisers to bid on nearly every impression with absolutely no supply-side fees.

3. First-party insights: Not only do Amazon Streaming TV ads provide reach, but advertisers can also leverage billions of Amazon’s first-party insights to go beyond demographics3 and better understand their potential audience.

What’s next?

Today, advertisers can now scale their reach to 40MM+ viewers of ad-supported streaming TV content across top TV, movies, and live events. Combined with our premium ad inventory, first-party insights, and unique partnership with APS, Amazon Streaming TV ads provides advertisers a way to reach those hard-to-reach audiences outside of linear TV.
We’re proud of the progress we’ve made so far and are excited to continue helping advertisers reach audiences at scale.

Learn more about Amazon Streaming TV ads.

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