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How HexClad Cookware used Streaming TV ads to drive awareness and consideration with new audiences


HexClad Cookware, a global retailer specializing in cookware and kitchen accessories that use revolutionary hybrid technology, has been selling their products in the Amazon store since 2019, leveraging a combination of self-service ad solutions including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Stores, and Posts. But in 2022, the brand sought to explore new strategies that would help them grow their business and expand their customer base.

“We wanted to reach new audiences looking for high-quality cookware and kitchen accessories like ours,” said Jason Panzer, president of HexClad. “Our goal is to be top of mind when customers are ready to buy.”

The challenge was finding an easy-to-use solution that would help HexClad reach and engage new shoppers, particularly in the awareness and consideration stages.

Working in collaboration with digital agency Premiere Creative and the Amazon Ads team, HexClad decided to experiment with Streaming TV ads, which help advertisers grow their audiences by allowing them to develop non-skippable video ads that show up in streaming content like exclusive originals on Amazon Freevee, livestreamed entertainment on Twitch, live sports (including Thursday Night Football), top TV and network broadcaster apps, and the curated News app on Fire TV.

“We saw Streaming TV as a great solution to help expand HexClad’s reach to new audiences beyond Amazon, and also complement their existing sponsored ads strategy,” said J.J. Abbott, managing director at Premiere Creative.

Frying food in a HexClad pan

Cooking scallops in a HexClad pan

Determining a twofold strategy for Streaming TV ads

Because HexClad already had a partnership with Gordon Ramsay, whose restaurants have received multiple Michelin stars, and a suite of ready-to-go high-quality video assets featuring the chef, they were able to quickly develop the video creatives for their Streaming TV ads. They set a goal to launch in April 2022, in order to make the most of the lead-up to Prime Day in July 2022.

Using Streaming TV within sponsored ads was a “very rewarding experience,” according to Abbott. Because Streaming TV ads are a self-service ad product, HexClad could build them in the advertising console, test them across multiple campaign iterations, optimize their strategies, and then continually monitor their performance to ensure they were on track to achieve their goals.

“Even as early adopters, we believed this was the right avenue for HexClad,” Abbott explained. “Not only could we make use of existing video content, there was also no contractual spend required to launch, which made Streaming TV ads more leverageable.”

HexClad used Streaming TV within sponsored ads to engage new customers in two ways. Initially, they focused on in-aisle shoppers—those who were actively browsing in-category for their products—leading up to and during Prime Day 2022, helping them increase branded discovery and detail page views. Then, after Prime Day, HexClad began testing ads reaching out-of-aisle shoppers—those browsing out-of-category but who fit the brand’s customer persona.

“We found that our out-of-aisle ads delivered higher new-to-brand customers than our in-aisle ads did,” said Abbott. “We used the insights from our ads during busy periods like Prime Day and implemented fluid bids across our different strategies to help develop an effective, always-on approach for HexClad’s Streaming TV ads.”

HexClad knife cutting a red pepper

HexClad knife cutting a red pepper

Leveraging branded searches to help deliver cost-effective and high-performance campaigns

HexClad’s primary success metrics for measuring the performance of their Streaming TV ads were branded searches (a measurement of how many times shoppers discovered products querying a brand name after interacting with an ad), brand discovery rate, detail page views, and cumulative reach. According to Abbott, they found that “branded searches usually indicate strong interest and tended to be the most cost-effective and highest converting.”

Optimizing and refining their Streaming TV campaigns paid off. During the period of April to July 2022, HexClad saw a total of 7.4K branded searches, 5.4K detail page views, and a cumulative reach of 513K shoppers from their top-performing campaign promoting their pots and pans.1 This campaign helped to drive a branded search rate 85% higher than the benchmark and 25% more new-to-brand purchases.2 HexClad then expanded their Streaming TV advertising efforts to also feature their premium Damascus steel knives, which today is one of their top-performing categories.

From April to December 2022, HexClad also saw an increase in ad-attributed branded searches after launching their Streaming TV campaigns. By December 2022, their monthly ad-attributed branded searches were more than 40x that of April 2022 when they first launched on Streaming TV within sponsored ads.3

Cooking scallops in a HexClad pan

Frying food in a HexClad pan

Incorporating more Streaming TV ads to help grow the HexClad brand

HexClad Cookware and Premiere Creative plan to continue building on their success together by increasing their investment with Streaming TV ads, especially as new video assets and products are rolled out. “We believe this can help fuel our continued growth and position the HexClad brand as a premium cookware product among shoppers,” said Daniel Winer, CEO and co-founder.

1-2 Advertiser-provided data, US, April–July 2022
3 Advertiser-provided data, US, April–Dec 2022

Disclaimer: Results are reflective of campaigns for one advertiser, HexClad, and are not indicative of future outcomes.