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Revive helps Kia Country of Savannah grow its audience with Streaming TV ads and Amazon DSP

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For many people, buying a car is a major purchase that requires careful decision-making, which is why researching the best vehicle that fits shoppers’ needs is a critical part of their shopping journey. To reach new audiences online, Kia Country of Savannah wanted to refine their advertising approach, so Revive, an Amazon Ads partner, worked with CBC Automotive Marketing to drive connections with local car buyers.

Shifting gears in advertising strategy

Serving their community in Georgia, Kia Country of Savannah helps car enthusiasts and everyday commuters find the ideal vehicle for their lifestyle. With a diverse range of new and used cars, they’ve developed a reputation as a trusted destination for automotive needs, but with the rising prominence of digital advertising, they needed to rethink their marketing strategies.

Kia Country of Savannah trusted CBC Automotive Marketing—a digital marketing company that specializes in reaching shoppers who intend to buy cars—for their promotional needs. In the auto industry, insight-driven advertising is becoming increasingly important. Information can provide unparalleled insights into potential buyers’ behaviors and preferences. With this knowledge, dealerships can craft precise campaigns and help reach customers who are intent on purchasing a vehicle.

To boost the dealership’s website traffic and increase awareness among the Savannah community, CBC Automotive Marketing wanted to harness the power of Amazon’s proprietary inventory and first-party audience signals. Recognizing the need for expertise in this area, they sought a partner to help them choose the most relevant Amazon Ads solutions and verify that their media buys were optimized for the local region. This is where Revive stepped in, offering specialized knowledge and tools to help propel the dealership’s campaigns to new heights.

Kia Country of Savannah campaign ad example

Kia Country of Savannah campaign ad example

Test-driving targeted display and streaming campaigns

To use as a litmus test, Revive and CBC Automotive Marketing first devised a trial campaign for Kia Country of Savannah and ran it for 30 days in October 2022. The teams set benchmarks to evaluate the strategy’s success: a display click-through rate (CTR) of 0.1%, a video completion rate of more than 98%, a minimal cost per landing page view, and cost per mille (CPM).

Using Streaming TV ads and Amazon DSP, Revive and CBC Automotive Marketing reached potential auto buyers who lived within a 20-mile radius of the dealership’s zip code. The Streaming TV campaign aimed to drive awareness of Kia Country of Savannah among auto intender segments—potential car buyers who had interacted with automotive content or had shown interest in automotive products in the past. By connecting with this specific group, the campaign increased the likelihood of reaching audiences interested in what Kia Country of Savannah had to offer.

Following the Streaming TV campaign, Revive deployed Amazon DSP to reengage the same audience. This remarketing tactic reached out to viewers who had been exposed to the dealership’s offerings through Streaming TV ads. These strategies helped build awareness for Kia Country of Savannah, and they directed a growing audience toward the dealership’s website.

quoteUpIt’s crucial to ensure clear communication and alignment on goals, metrics, and expectations with partners while using their expertise and insights to optimize your Amazon Ads strategy.quoteDown
— Bob Myhal, chief marketing officer, CBC Automotive Marketing

Cruising past key performance benchmarks

With Revive’s Amazon Ads expertise, the campaign for Kia Country of Savannah exceeded expectations. The Streaming TV ads campaign achieved efficient CPMs and maintained a video completion rate above the 98% benchmark.1 Furthermore, the Amazon DSP campaign outperformed the initial CTR goal by 120% while keeping the cost per landing page view low.2 The same campaign has insertion order contracts running through the end of December 2023.

The campaign’s success highlights the ability of Amazon Ads to create a connection with prospective car buyers. Building on this momentum, Revive and CBC Automotive Marketing have broadened their partnership, bringing seven more dealerships under their umbrella. Together, they’re laying out a road map for success in the auto industry, using Amazon Ads as a key pillar of their strategy.

1-2 Source: Revive, United States, 2023.