Securely improve cross-channel campaign performance with Advertiser Audiences

June 12th, 2017 | Amazon Advertising

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Blog / Securely improve cross-channel campaign performance with Advertiser Audiences

Securely improve cross-channel campaign performance with Advertiser Audiences

Advertiser Audiences is a new self-service capability that allows advertisers to securely engage their customers and extend campaign reach on and off Amazon. With Advertiser Audiences, advertisers are able to anonymously match a list of their customers with Amazon shoppers and create new targeting segments for use in their Amazon advertising campaigns. In early studies, advertisers who created new audience segments using the tool experienced increased return on ad spend between 2x and 8x campaign averages.

Advertiser Audiences is available for all advertisers, including those whose products or services aren’t sold on To ensure customer privacy is protected, advertisers can either upload pre-hashed lists or have their lists hashed in their browser. Through this upload process, Amazon can never accept nor access any un-hashed data.

This self-service solution provides accuracy and reach in all stages of a cross-channel campaign. Advertiser Audiences can help advertisers:

Advertiser Audiences

  • Reach existing customers to drive relevant, precise creative messaging regardless of your campaign goal. In early cases, using Advertiser Audiences to reach existing customers increased clickthrough rate by 2x, consideration rate by 9x, and purchase rate by 4x to 8x campaign averages. Advertisers such as Burt’s Bees more than doubled their return on ad spend using Advertiser Audiences.

  • Reach customers who exhibit similar behaviors by building a new segment to extend your campaign reach. In many cases, lookalike segments have a 200% uplift in traffic to product detail pages, where those customers are 4x more likely to purchase.

  • Reach new customers by excluding the uploaded segment of existing customers from your media plan. Focusing on new customers builds greater relevance and prevents redundancy, which has provided an estimated 5% to 10% savings in advertising spend for early adopter, Nespresso.

How it works:
To create an Advertiser Audience segment, an advertiser (or agency on behalf of its client) submits their email lists into a self-service user interface (UI) that automatically anonymizes the information within their browser through a secure and privacy-preserving process which uses cryptographic hashing. Advertisers can also pre-hash their list before submission through the UI. Upon completion, the matched segment will be available for campaign use.

To learn more about how to use Advertiser Audiences to increase campaign results, read some of our Success Stories and contact your Account Executive. If you don’t have an account representative, please contact us.