Amazon Marketing Stream

Near real-time access to hourly metrics and campaign messages

Amazon Marketing Stream is a push-based messaging system that delivers hourly Amazon Ads campaign metrics and information on campaign changes in near real time, through the Amazon Ads API.

Optimize campaigns more effectively

Obtain performance metrics, summarized hourly, that provide intraday insights to help drive advanced campaign optimization.

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Respond quickly to campaign changes

Access timely information such as budget consumption, which can help advanced API users write responsive applications to further optimization.

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Improve operational efficiency

Push-based information delivered to you in near real time, eliminates the need to aggregate metrics over time to understand the changes between hourly performance.

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Example data visualization

example data visualizations and query for amazon marketing stream data sets


conversation rate key

Conversion rate (%)

cost per click key

Cost per click (CPC) $

How to use Amazon Marketing Stream

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Manage campaigns intraday

Analyze hourly variations, helping you optimize campaign attributes such as increasing bids during hours with greater performance.

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Build responsive applications

Take actions in near real time on changes such as campaigns going out of budget.

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Keep local reporting store in sync

Help maintain campaign reporting in sync with Amazon Ads’ reporting on a continuous basis as Amazon Marketing Stream pushes changes to dimensional campaign information in near real time.

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Develop push notifications

Keep advertisers informed by setting up timely, trigger-based notifications within your campaign management interface.

Examples of how Amazon Marketing Stream is used

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Solution provider Quartile used Amazon Marketing Stream’s hourly performance metrics to update advertiser campaigns more frequently, helping improve campaign efficiency.

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Utilizing Amazon Marketing Stream helped solution provider Flywheel Digital and their clients meet campaign goals, helping increase clicks, sales, and ROAS while keeping media spend consistent.

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Get started with Amazon Marketing Stream

Visit our Amazon Marketing Stream onboarding guide, which walks through the process of getting API access, integrating with AWS, and subscribing to campaign data sets using the Amazon Marketing Stream API.


Who can use Amazon Marketing Stream?

Amazon Marketing Stream is currently limited to tool providers and direct advertisers who are integrated with the Amazon Ads API.

North America
  • CA
  • MX
  • US
South America
  • BR
  • BE
  • DE
  • ES
  • FR
  • IT
  • NL
  • PL
  • SE
  • TR
  • UK
Middle East
  • EG
  • KSA
  • UAE
Asia Pacific
  • AU
  • IN
  • JP
  • SG
What does my business need to utilize Amazon Marketing Stream?

To help set up for success with Amazon Marketing Stream, here are a few things you need:

  1. Technical integration with the Amazon Ads API: If you already have this, there is no separate access for Amazon Marketing Stream required. You’ll use the same access token to subscribe to Amazon Marketing Stream metrics. If you’re not yet integrated, follow the steps to onboarding available in the Amazon Ads advanced tools center.
  2. An AWS account, which is required to create an SQS end point where you wish to receive Amazon Marketing Stream data sets.
  3. Access to software development resources.
Are software developer resources, or other specialized skills, required to use Amazon Marketing Stream?

Yes—at least initially, you’ll need a developer resource to establish the Amazon Marketing Stream subscription API connection. In addition, we recommend a solid understanding of how AWS works in order to most efficiently use Amazon Marketing Stream.

What kind of database do you need to use Amazon Marketing Stream?

You can use any type of AWS database to receive Amazon Marketing Stream data sets.

What are the acceptable storage flows for data sets shared through Amazon Marketing Stream?

Once the Amazon Marketing Stream subscription API returns successfully, you’ll start receiving data sets into your AWS SQS end point. Alternatively, the data can be stored, and an analyst can take them from an SQS end point, storing in S3 and using a service to query in S3. You can decide what method is best based for their unique use case.

What can you connect Amazon Marketing Stream data sets to?

You can create services based on near real-time reporting and campaign changes in your AWS database. This means creating responsive applications to monitor incoming information in near real time.

What are the best practices for using Amazon Marketing Stream alongside other reporting tools for other sponsored ads products?

Amazon Marketing Stream can currently be used to obtain hourly changes to Sponsored Products performance metrics (traffic and conversion). These insights can help inform campaign optimizations, such as automating hourly bids through the Amazon Ads API. For Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brands reporting, you can leverage the ad console and reporting API, which will provide daily performance metrics.