Advertising metrics and reporting

Understand and improve the performance of your advertising with Amazon Ads measurement solutions.

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Why do advertising metrics matter?

From upper-funnel metrics such as impressions and clicks to sales, subscriptions, and gaining new customers, robust measurement helps you understand what your advertising accomplishes. Nearly 1 in 5 marketers struggle to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts,1 but understanding the insights and reporting available to you can help you measure your ad performance and make the best choices for optimizing your campaigns.

1 Merkle, Q1 2020 Customer Engagement Report, US & UK.

How Amazon Ads can help measure advertising effectiveness

Our reporting and measurement solutions help all advertisers—from start-ups to leading advertising agencies and established brands—accurately measure the impact of advertising and make it easy to plan, optimize, and measure marketing strategies.


Understand your audiences

One-third of advertisers are not confident they are successfully reaching the right audiences.2 Leverage billions of first-party insights across Amazon devices and sites for a holistic, singular view of audiences that can help you better understand your customers and the audiences reached by your advertising.

Prove advertising impact

More than one in three CMOs found it challenging to link marketing investments to important business objectives and key results.3 Advertising metrics such as new-to-brand metrics, advertising cost of sales (ACOS), and return on ad spend (ROAS) demonstrate proof of the impact on sales performance and if audiences responded to your campaigns.

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Optimize your campaigns

Combine first- and third-party reporting for a complete view of results anywhere customers spend their time. Optimize your campaigns and develop an informed advertising strategy by seeing which of your tactics and channels are the most effective.

2 Kantar, Marketing in Motion, 2019, US.
3 eMarketer, The Future of the CMO, 2019, US.

Amazon Ads measurement solutions

Amazon Ads' products offer a variety of insights into advertising performance.

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Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution is a standalone measurement product that provides advertising metrics for non-Amazon digital marketing tactics, including standard traffic metrics such as impressions and clicks, and Amazon conversion metrics such as detail page views, Add to Carts, and purchases.

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Amazon DSP

Reporting in the Amazon DSP includes retail insights to compare activity on Amazon before, during, and after your campaigns, and campaign reporting that shows your campaign's impact on how customers discover, research, and purchase your products. Third-party reporting solutions, such as brand lift and off-line sales impact, are also available.

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Speaker streaming audio

Audio ads

Measure your audio ad performance with reporting that includes impressions, average impression frequency, cumulative campaign reach, audio starts, audio complete, and more.

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Sponsored Brands ad placement on desktop and mobile

Sponsored Brands

Reports provide campaign and placement performance, ad clicks, sales, and advertising cost of sales (ACOS), which represents your ad spend as a percentage of sales. Sponsored Brands also features new-to-brand metrics, which measure aggregated purchases from first-time customers of your brand on Amazon that resulted from your campaign.

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Sponsored Display ad placement on desktop and mobile

Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display reports advertising metrics such as ACOS, orders, detail page views, and glance views.

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Sponsored Products ad placement on desktop and mobile

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products campaign reports provide insight on sales and performance of advertised products, performance by keyword, how different ad placements are performing, and more.

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Stores ad placement on desktop and mobile


Stores metrics include daily visitors, page views, and sales generated from your Store. If you promote your Store in external marketing activities, you can also add a tag to the URL to analyze traffic sources to your Store.

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Over the top streaming video

Video ads

Video ads combine first-party reporting metrics with Amazon Ads-supported third-party measurement studies to measure campaign impact, including brand reach, brand lift, and off-line sales lift.

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Advertising metrics and reporting resources

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Case study

How Amazon Attribution insights helped achieve a 32% increase in ROAS

Find out how Tinuiti helped MidWest Homes For Pets maximize ad spend efficiency and grow Amazon sales with Amazon Attribution.


Can I measure my ad performance if I don't sell products on Amazon?

Yes. Advertisers who use audio ads, video ads, or ads purchased programmatically through Amazon DSP have access to campaign reporting through those products.

Who can use Amazon Ads measurement?

Eligibility varies by ad product. Please refer to each product's page for eligibility requirements.

How much does Amazon Ads measurement cost?

Reporting for individual ad products, such as Sponsored Brands or video ads, are included at no additional cost. At this time, there is no cost associated with participating in Amazon Attribution.