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Home goods and furniture marketing

From home decor to kitchen appliances, the home goods industry is growing as consumers buy and rent homes, reimagine living spaces, and upgrade their environments. Discover how Amazon Ads can help your home goods business grow.

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Home goods and furniture shoppers today

Home goods shoppers in the US have been on a robust shopping spree since 2020, accelerating growth for the industry.1 The global home decor industry, which includes categories like home furniture, home textiles, floorcare, wall decor, and lighting, reached a value of $641.4 billion in 2020.2 As home goods shoppers start easing their home decor and home appliance purchases, Amazon Ads can help your brand to try and expand brand awareness, increase product consideration, and inspire purchase.

Home goods and furniture marketing insights

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Furniture and home furnishings digital sales are projected to reach $193.77 billion by 2026.3

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Digital touchpoints are important in mattress shoppers’ purchase journeys, as 74% of mattress buyers browse online before buying a mattress.4

Amazon Ads home goods and furniture insights


64% of small kitchen appliance shoppers surveyed who visited the Amazon store reported that they are more likely to discover new products through advertising.5


81% of all mattress buyers surveyed who visit Amazon discover a new brand or product.6


66% of home environment shoppers surveyed recall seeing an ad specific to the category.7


54% of shoppers surveyed reported Amazon provided information to make them feel confident in their floorcare purchase.8

Opportunities for home goods and furniture marketing

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Continuing to grow after a surge in sales

Many home goods brands saw a surge of sales in 2020.9 Categories like furniture and homeware digital revenue grew by 14.5%, earning nearly $53 million in revenue in 2020. This $6.6 million increase year over year is considered unprecedented, according to industry experts.10 Growth for the home and furniture category is expected to plateau in terms of sales starting in 2023.11 Knowing this, home goods brands may want to develop marketing strategies to help build brand trust and loyalty with customers.

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Adapting to audiences digital mindset

With the home goods industry rapidly growing, the industry has become more competitive as brands try to reach and engage shoppers.12 Brands looking to increase awareness to consumers want to consider developing a holistic, always-on marketing approach, especially as more shoppers use digital resources to browse and shop for products.

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Helping shoppers discover products around life moments:

Whether consumers are moving into a new home or getting married, those life moments can inspire consumers to seek out products that will help them settle into their new lifestyles. In fact, 32% of small kitchen appliance shoppers reported that moving into a new home was the reason for their purchase.13 And 23% of mattress shoppers also selected a life event as a reason for their purchase.14

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In this blog post, we learn that consumers have been thinking more about the air they breathe. Discover what the path to purchase looks like for air purifier shoppers and how brands can engage with them.

How do I advertise my home goods and furniture products?

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With Streaming TV and online video ads, your brand can navigate audience fragmentation by reaching viewers who are already using Amazon services like Prime Video Live Sports, Amazon Freevee, and more.

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By using solutions like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Brands video, you can help shoppers discover your brand and product offerings throughout their shopping journeys anywhere they spend their time.

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Take your marketing campaign to the next level by teaming up with our Brand Innovation Lab. By working with them, your brand can create custom marketing experiences that surprise and delight audiences in inventive ways.

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