Feeling fresh: Helping air purifier shoppers find relevant products for their needs

February 09, 2022 | By Jareen Imam, Sr. Content and Editorial Manager

From health concerns to air pollutants, consumers have been thinking more about the air they breathe, according to reports. And this consumer interest is impacting the air purifier industry.1 In 2020, there was a 57% spike in air purifier purchases in the US, with sales continuing to grow.2 The US air purifier industry is anticipated to reach $4.19 billion by 2028, registering a compound annual growth rate of 8.6% over the forecast period.3

With so many options to choose from in this growing industry, shoppers have also been doing their own research in this category. According to a survey Amazon Ads conducted with Kantar, 65% of consumers said they research online before buying air purifier products, and 35% said they visit Amazon’s store during their purchasing journeys.4 Here’s what air purifier brands may want to consider as they create campaigns to reach and engage shoppers.

Understanding the customer shopping journey for air purifiers

What does the path to purchase look like for air purifier shoppers? On the whole, the journey is relatively short, as these customers spend 4 to 5 days actively browsing in the air purifiers and filters category while considering 2 to 3 products.5 Since the shopping window is relatively brief, advertisers may want to start engaging consumers even before they start shopping. By activating solutions that can help drive brand discovery, like Sponsored Brands and Amazon Live, brands can help shoppers learn more about which products are right for their needs.

One way that shoppers are finding air purifiers is by browsing branded shopping queries in Amazon’s store. Shoppers who start with a branded shopping query are 2.5x more likely to make a purchase than those who start with a generic query.6 Advertisers have an opportunity to drive conversions by helping shoppers find air purifier products through brand building solutions like Posts and Stores.

Once shoppers discover and purchase an air purifier that’s right for them, there’s an opportunity for brands to continue building brand loyalty with existing customers. About 25% of shoppers returning to Amazon’s store make additional purchases in the air purifiers category within two years of their initial purchase.7 Therefore, brands may want to consider remarketing strategies such as Amazon Ads’ Sponsored Display purchases remarketing and Streaming TV creative remarketing to engage with these shoppers. These options could help your brand close the loop on the customer experience by remarketing to audiences who have viewed your brand’s Streaming TV ads or purchased products from your brand.

Strategies to help customers discover products

On Amazon, we see a higher portion of shoppers making their first purchase in the air purifiers category during the late summer and early fall months.8 Advertisers may want to consider allocating their investments in advertising campaigns or retail promotional events during these months to reach new-to-category audiences – this can also help audiences learn more about brands and products.

About half of all home environment shoppers in the US, including those shopping for air purifiers, also encounter at least one Amazon touchpoint during their purchasing journeys – this can be anything from visits to Amazon’s store, to using Fire TV, to listening on Amazon Music, or streaming on Twitch, according to Kantar’s survey.9 That means advertisers have the chance to reach audiences where they are, whether they are listening to Amazon Music’s ad-supported tier or watching their favorite content creators with advertising solutions like Streaming TV ads and audio ads.

Also, activating an omnichannel strategy can help shoppers find the products they need. We’ve observed that investing in ad solutions across multiple touchpoints can help increase conversion.10 For example, within the home environment space, brands who used sponsored ads and display campaigns saw 19% higher purchase rates than brands with campaigns only featuring sponsored ads.11 And brands who included Streaming TV ads in combination with their other campaigns saw 16% higher purchase rates than did brands who invested in sponsored ads and display ads only.12

Air purifier brands have an opportunity to engage shoppers even before they start browsing for products. With advertising solutions that meet shoppers where they are, brands have an opportunity to increase awareness, consideration, and conversion while helping shoppers find the products they need.

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