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Advertise your small business with Amazon Ads.

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Your business deserves to be discovered

If you offer a product or service that cannot be bought in the Amazon store, you can still advertise with us. Amazon Ads has billions of shopping, streaming and browsing signals to help you attract new customers to your small business. Use our Sponsored Display ads to help drive awareness of your business and visits to your website.

Step 5

Where do Sponsored Display ads appear?

Sponsored Display ads can be found in many locations across the Amazon store plus thousands of apps and websites. Placements can be found on the Amazon homepage and product detail pages, owned and operated sites like Twitch and IMDb, and third-party destinations. Placements are automatically selected based on your targeting tactic and optimized to help drive your desired outcome.

How to launch your first campaign, quickly

In five simple steps, you can create your first captivating Sponsored Display ads. Here’s how to get started.

Step 1

Create an account

Create an Amazon account using a professional email address (domains like gmail and yahoo will not be accepted), or sign in if you already have an account. This helps us verify your identity before you register for advertising.

Step 2

Register to advertise

Register here, providing legal business details so we can verify your business. Once registered, set up your billing details to gain access to your promotional credits.

Step 3

Choose your campaign settings

In your account, click “Create campaign” and choose Sponsored Display. Give your campaign a name, define your start and end dates, daily budget, optimization strategy, and audiences.

Step 4

Select your creative

Follow the instructions in the advertising console on how to build your ad based on the creative you select. If you don't have an existing creative, you can use Shutterstock’s library directly in the advertising console to easily set up your display ads.

Step 5

Launch your ad

Select “Launch campaign”. ­
And just like that, you’re ready to go.

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Explore our partner directory if you’re looking to find a partner who can help you plan, create, or optimize your advertising campaigns.

Why Amazon Ads?

Reach the right customers

Tap into our exclusive insights to help your business reach relevant audiences. Engage customers as they shop, browse or stream, both in the Amazon store and beyond.

Get started in minutes

Create your first Sponsored Display campaign in just a few clicks, even if you’ve never advertised before.

No minimum spend

Set a budget that works for you, and choose how you’re charged for your ads: cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand viewable impressions.

Stand out with eye-catching ads

Drive visits to your website and help boost visibility of your business with engaging display ads.

Educational resources to help you get started

Learn best practices on targeting, creative, and campaign optimization tactics.

Learn how to grow your business with Amazon Ads by engaging new customers with easy-to-use display ads.

Discover step-by-step instructions on how to launch and optimize your Sponsored Display campaign.

Customer case studies

Explore how businesses like yours are using Sponsored Display ads to attract new customers.

Stephen Wade Auto connects in-market customers with vehicles using Sponsored Display

Here are some examples of the different types of businesses that are now eligible to advertise with us:


Personal care services such as salons and wellness centers, and laundry and dry cleaning services


Contractors such as carpenters, electricians, painters, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) specialists, roofers, landscapers, and general contractors


Restaurants, catering and food delivery services, hotels, hostels, motels, bed-and-breakfasts, travel arrangement and reservation services, RV parks, and recreational camps

movie tickets

Amusement parks, arcades, museums, historical sites, movie theaters, performing arts companies, and music and sports events


Automotive repairs and maintenance services, and car and other motor vehicle dealers



Colleges and universities, technical and trade schools, educational support services, business schools, computer and management training

Get $500 in ad credit1

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How do Sponsored Display campaigns work?

Without needing extensive resources, you can quickly create a Sponsored Display campaign with an advertising budget of any size—even if your type of business is not available in the Amazon store. All you’ll need to do is provide a few basic inputs across bidding, targeting, ad creatives, and landing pages to help us understand your business goals, and your ads will be automatically optimized for different placements, creative sizes, and devices. For added flexibility, you can adapt and optimize your ads at any time, as your business needs evolve.

Where will my Sponsored Display ads appear?

Your ads may appear in highly visible positions both in the Amazon store and third-party destinations:

On Amazon

Product detail pages, shopping results pages and across the Amazon store.

Third-party destinations

Twitch, IMDb, and third-party websites and apps.

How can I reach the right audiences with Sponsored Display?

Sponsored Display ads use exclusive Amazon Ads insights and signals for shopping and streaming to help you reach customers that are relevant to your business. You can do this in three ways: Views, Purchases, and Amazon audiences.

  1. Views helps you reach customers based on what they’re browsing in the Amazon store.
  2. Purchases helps you find customers who have purchased products in the Amazon store that are relevant to your business.
  3. Amazon audiences lets you choose from four pre-built customer segments: In-market, Lifestyle, Interests, and Life events. You can select audiences in a similar way to how you would describe your business’s core customers, for example, “yoga enthusiasts” or “foodies.”
  • In-market: What are Amazon customers shopping and browsing for right now?
  • Lifestyle: What does the content they consume and retail behavior tell us about them?
  • Interests: What have they bought in the past?
  • Life events: What important events are going on in their lives?

You also have the option to choose which locations you want to optimize your ad delivery for. Select one or a combination of postal codes, cities, designated market areas (DMAs) or states, depending on where your business is located and the areas you serve. This gives you greater control of where your ad shows up to help maximize the chance of reaching relevant customers for your business, whether you’re a restaurant with a specific delivery radius or a home repairs service provider looking for new customers in your local area.

How much does Sponsored Display cost?

There is no minimum ad spend required, or any upfront fees. Choose a daily budget that works for your business and a bidding strategy based on your desired outcome. Sponsored Display has two cost types to help optimize your campaign performance:

Cost-per-click (CPC), which means you’re charged each time someone clicks your ad.

Cost-per-thousand viewable impressions (vCPM), which means you’re charged for every 1,000 viewable impressions of your ad.

What results can I expect from Sponsored Display?

Sponsored Display can help you achieve a variety of goals, from generating awareness and consideration of your business to accelerating leads. To help you achieve the outcome you want, Sponsored Display has three outcome settings. These can help optimize your performance against your chosen campaign objective:

Optimize for reach: We'll optimize your bids for higher viewable impressions. This helps drive greater awareness of your business by showing your Sponsored Display ads to the most relevant audiences to help maximize your reach, while optimizing against frequency to encourage post-view engagement.

Optimize for page visits: We'll optimize your bids for higher page visits and click-through rate. This helps you drive greater consideration for your business by showing your Sponsored Display ads to customers who are most likely to click, and ultimately visit your website or landing page.

What reporting is available with Sponsored Display?

Once your campaign is running, you can review and optimize its performance in the ad console. Measure how audiences are engaging with your Sponsored Display ads and determine how they may need to be optimized to better meet your business goals. The key metrics available to you are viewable impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), vCPM, and CPC.

Who is eligible for Sponsored Display?

Sponsored Display is now available to all businesses, even those that sell products or services that cannot be bought directly in the Amazon store, as well as agencies, partners, and tool providers who serve these businesses.

What if I already sell products in the Amazon store? Or plan to do so?

If you sell products that can or could be bought in the Amazon store, you could be eligible to get started with Sponsored Display and some of our other advertising solutions. Learn more about the different advertising solutions for Amazon sellers.

1 Terms and conditions for promotion

PromoID: 97823378

This offer is exclusive to select sellers of goods and services not available in the Amazon store and who are first-time registrants for sponsored ads ("Sellers"). Amazon will apply a single promotional clicks amount of $500 to Sellers’ Amazon sponsored ads account which can be redeemed for Sponsored Display. Supply is limited.

  1. This promotion is available only to Sellers individually invited by Amazon to participate (“Advertisers”).
  2. The Advertiser must register for an advertising account on Amazon (the 'Qualifying Action'). The Advertiser must launch a new Sponsored Display campaign in order to use the promotional credit.
  3. Advertisers will be charged for any clicks received before the promotional clicks are applied and for all advertising that exceeds the promotional clicks amount. Advertisers can suspend or pause their ad(s) any time before the promotional clicks amount is exhausted if they do not wish to receive additional advertising charges. Advertisers are responsible for monitoring promotional clicks usage as Advertisers will not be notified once the promotional clicks amount is exhausted.
  4. This promotion will start on September 25, 2023 UTC and will last until June 30, 2024 UTC (the “Promotional Period”). Advertisers must complete the Qualifying Action during the Promotional Period.
  5. Advertisers can redeem this promotion once during the Promotional Period.
  6. Amazon will apply the promotional clicks to the Advertiser’s account within 1 week of completing the Qualifying Action, beginning September 25, 2023 UTC.
  7. Any unused promotional credit will expire 60 days following application of promotional clicks to the Advertiser’s account.
  8. Advertisers must maintain an advertising account in good standing with Amazon, subject to the terms of the Amazon Ads Agreement.
  9. This offer and the promotional clicks are non-transferable, not for resale, and not redeemable for cash.
  10. This offer is void where prohibited by law and in the event of fraud, mistake, or any failure to satisfy any terms of the offer.
  11. Advertiser’s use of the promotional clicks constitutes Advertiser’s acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  12. Advertisers must have a valid payment method for advertising fees on file to receive the promotional clicks.
  13. Amazon reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or modify this offer at any time.
  14. If Advertiser’s advertising account is in a different currency than the one in which Advertiser’s promotional clicks have been awarded, the actual amount of the promotional clicks may be subject to foreign currency fluctuations.
  15. Advertiser is responsible for the payment of any taxes incurred.
  16. Limit of one $500 promotional clicks per advertiser account.
  17. Currency of the promotional clicks depends on the advertiser account.