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Let Amazon Ads help your business grow in the right direction.

Small businesses saw 26% of their sales, on average, driven by Amazon Ads.1

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Set up your first campaign by using Sponsored Products

Think of this solution as your entry point to Amazon Ads—no experience required.

Best for

Promoting individual products.

Why it works

  • Use automatic targeting to engage relevant audiences.
  • Help drive sales for best sellers, new launches, latest offers, and more.
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Within the first year after launching a Sponsored Products campaign, ASINs saw an average weekly lift of 31% in glance views and 50% in units ordered.2

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Best for

Differentiating your products and brand.

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Why it works

  • Attract customers with highly-engaging content in prominent placements.
  • Reach the right shoppers through precise targeting.

Sponsored Brands advertisers saw 84% increase in sales with Top-of-search Impression Share.3

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Best for

Expanding your content placements and formats.

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Why it works

  • Use information on shopping and streaming to inform your strategy.
  • Engage key audiences across the Amazon store, websites, and apps.

Advertisers who use Sponsored Display audiences are seeing up to 74% of their ad attributed sales driven by new-to-brand customers.4

Best for

Showcasing your brand at all times for free.

Why it works

  • Customers can explore your full range of products, and learn about your brand.
  • Increase repeat purchases, loyalty, and build lasting connections.

Shoppers who visit a Store during their shopping journey purchase 57% more frequently and have a 67% higher average order value.5


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2 Amazon internal data, WW, June–December 2022
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