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How Dream Pairs’ Store and Posts help drive global reach and create a seamless shopping experience

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Founded in 2009, Dream Pairs quickly established itself as a trend-focused shoe retailer. The brand was initially only sold in physical stores but later expanded to online retail. Dream Pairs’ mission is to empower people to express themselves through fashionable footwear, without a heavy price tag. Priding themselves on being stylish, trend-focused, and price-conscious, Dream Pairs markets, distributes, and sells a wide range of shoes, such as sandals, flats, heels, boots, sneakers, and more.

Operating under a vision of accessibility, and noticing a significant shift in the competitive landscape, Dream Pairs wanted to expand their reach by elevating their brand to a global stage. With that vision, there was a need to create and adapt their marketing strategies to reach worldwide audiences. This led to Dream Pairs engaging with Amazon’s ad solutions.

Building a home on Amazon

The brand started their Amazon advertising journey in 2013. Kilo Tan, ads manager at Dream Pairs, felt that the solutions would fit well with the company’s goals:

quoteUpAmazon’s design is user-friendly and functional. Along with that, they have a rich customer base, impressive infrastructure, and provide simple ads solutions to help brands start selling globally.quoteDown
— Kilo Tan, ads manager at Dream Pairs

When choosing ad products, the Dream Pairs team quickly saw the benefits of creating their own, a branded destination for them to showcase their products to Amazon shoppers. Having a single location to highlight products, deals, and the Dream Pairs story was important to the team. They knew that this would help lead to a better shopping experience, make purchases easier for audiences, and encourage repeat visitors.

The Store has since become the core destination for all Dream Pairs ad campaigns on Amazon. Driving traffic to their Store using Sponsored Brands campaigns proved to be an effective way for the team to help keep product engagement high and encourage return visitors. “We’ve had a great experience,” said Tan. “It’s really easy and helpful to create Sponsored Brands campaigns and link them to our Store to create a consistent branded experience.”

Posts also became a useful tool for Dream Pairs. It helped provide the brand with a way to gain brand and product exposure and drive more traffic to their Store and product detail pages, perfectly aligning with the company’s brand strategy. To date, Dream Pairs has over 1,000 live posts, and has seen effective engagement rates, averaging over 3,500 viewable impressions per post. Regularly posting high-quality content has helped contribute to the company’s goal of becoming a global brand, enabling Dream Pairs to already reach 1.1 million shoppers on Amazon.1

Creating a seamless shopping experience

Once Dream Pairs established their Store, the next step was to optimize it. The marketing team found that using widgets like shoppable image, which uses rich lifestyle imagery featuring products in different settings, was effective at helping increase sales. With the shoppable image widget, you can choose to make any of the products in the image shoppable, enabling customers to click on the featured products to see basic information like name, price, customer ratings, and Prime availability. Shoppers can also add the product to their basket or navigate to the product detail page, enabling a smooth journey from inspiration to purchase in just a few clicks. Using video widgets, adding multiple pages, and creating deals sections can also encourage shoppers to engage with, and return, to your Store.

With different products on offer, Dream Pairs created engaging branded content that aligned with what their shoppers were individually searching. Each Store page had to be clear in its mission, whether to encourage users to make a purchase, browse deals, or learn more about the Dream Pairs story. The style of the Store is true to the overall brand message, with customized individual sections for each audience. For example, the children’s section is designed with lively and vivid assets.

The Store layout had to mirror the brand’s goals too, such as adding best sellers (like high-heeled shoes) to the homepage to simplify product engagement and purchasing.

When it came to Posts, the team discovered that posting three times daily has helped increase traffic to their Store and product detail pages. Dream Pairs uses posts to drive product awareness to their newly released products, and leverages their in-house creative design team to create engaging content. When preparing imagery for their posts, Sponsored Brands campaigns, and Store, the team relied on findings from carrying out A/B testing in A+ content placements to help ensure high engagement rates.

Unlocking opportunities

Placing the Dream Pairs Store at the core of their Sponsored Brands campaigns has also proved successful. Each campaign links directly to the Store homepage or product pages, depending on each Sponsored Brands strategy. Linking shoppers directly to what they’re looking for has helped encourage more purchases and develop brand loyalty.

Driving traffic from other solutions to the Dream Pairs Store has also been crucial, with the team devising strategies for their main social media outlets. Using Amazon Attribution, an Amazon advertising and analytics measurement solution, the team has been able to see which external solutions drives the most traffic.

Seeing results and impact

Dream Pairs continued to evolve their advertising strategies with Amazon, and has seen effective increases in traffic, sales, and return on ad spend (ROAS) since the Store went live in 2017. Store views increased by 50%, as well as overall sales increasing by 42% and order sizes increasing by 74% since June 2021.2

For brands thinking of creating their own Store and Posts, Tan knows that preparation was key. “Set clear goals before you create your advertising strategy. When building your Store and creating Posts, it’s important to invest time and energy,” Tan said. “We found having dedicated resources that could spend time building our creative assets, create our Store, launch posts, and continue to enhance it as our strategies changed, was helpful to continue delivering a great shopping experience for our customers.”

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1 Amazon internal, US, 2022
2 Amazon internal, US, 2021–2022