Help maximize engagement using video on your Stores

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Video is quickly becoming a valuable way to reach customers. According to a study by Wyzowl, 69% of customers said they’d prefer to learn about a new product or service via video over other media like text-based articles or infographics.1 A video can communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty, or atmosphere through an edited sequence.

Utilizing videos on your brand’s Stores or other ad products like Sponsored Brands will allow you to tell your brand’s story, increase awareness of your brand, and create a deeper consideration of your products.

The stages of the shopping journey

So what type of video do you need? Let’s review how a video helps you connect with shoppers at different stages of their customer journey.

Awareness stage

Consideration stage

Decision stage

Loyalty stage

Awareness stage

This is perhaps the most traditional form of video marketing: getting your brand out there. Videos help build awareness by showcasing your brand more memorably, conveying your brand’s values, and highlighting what makes your brand different.

Consideration stage

Shoppers have identified a need or want, and they could be considering different products from different brands to fill this gap. They’re gathering information, such as the price, product features, and reviews, to help inform their purchase decision—but you can engage them with more details. This is where we recommend a video to show your products in action and help your brand stand out to shoppers.

Decision stage

Shoppers will determine if your product meets their needs to move them to make a purchase. Videos help tell an effective story that gets them there. Increase conversions through videos by highlighting your best-selling products in action, creating proofs with customers testimonials, and narrating your brand values.

Loyalty stage

You’ve gained a customer, but now you want to continue providing value to retain them. Using video to keep captivating content in front of your customers helps them stay engaged with your brand and develop loyalty. Using video at this stage can help by highlighting new products, sharing different uses and updates for existing products, and keeping your audience informed of new brand developments.

The types of video in a Store

Advertisers who add video to their Stores for the first time see an average 44% increase in shopper dwell time in the next two months, compared to those who don’t.2 The following best practices and tips for video can help your brand achieve business goals while increasing engagement on Stores.

Background video tile

These videos play in a loop, don’t have audio, and don’t require action from customers to begin playing. We recommend using background videos to create brand awareness for new visitors to Stores and highlighting features of your marquee products. Think of background videos as a way to reinforce or communicate a message.

Example of a background video

Video tile

This is a type of video that plays content when it is clicked. Use video tiles to describe your brand’s story or product benefits in depth. For example, you could use video tiles to help customers understand your brand’s mission by demonstrating your product in action, or by sharing testimonials or product reviews. This could help increase product consideration and develop brand loyalty.

When using this type of video, the cover image is important. Use engaging and relevant video cover images to help motivate customers to watch and learn more.

How it works

Example of an explanatory video cover image

Where to place a video depending on your business goal

It’s important to place videos in Stores with a business goal in mind. Start by thinking about the message you want to communicate to customers with your video. Perhaps you want them to understand how to use your best-selling products, or you want to highlight your unique selling proposition (USP) in video form. The placement of a video can have a big impact on how customers react and engage, so it’s key to pay attention to this detail. We’ve compiled best practices to get you started:

1. Consider the length of the video

Avoid using regular video tiles that are longer than one minute on your Store’s home page. This page is the presentation card of Stores, so reserve this space for digestible content instead of hiding important information in longer videos. This is especially true when you want to drive sales of top products or introduce new products, since it can help to communicate information rapidly to new and returning customers.

2. Highlighting your USP in a video

When improving brand awareness, help educate customers about your brand and what makes it exceptional by creating a background video with your brand’s USP and placing it below the navigation bar. Just make sure that the text with the USP appears in under one second, to avoid a long waiting time to learn what your video and Store are about.

3. For product consideration

If you have a goal of increasing consideration of a product, present its benefits in video with testimonials, product reviews, or tutorials. These videos should be placed on specific product pages. It’s better to tie the video to the actual content of the page to allow the customer to dive deeper on a specific topic.

Example of a background video with an USP

Tips to enhance the customer experience with videos on Stores

While videos are a great way to help make Stores more engaging, including confusing information, adding too many videos, or making videos too distracting might create the reverse effect. To keep this from happening, here are a few tips:

  • Include no more than three background videos in a row on a given page.
  • Avoid adding flashy color-saturated, or shouting elements.
  • Don’t use too much text in a video, to ensure it’s not overwhelming and is legible on mobile.

Another way of enhancing the customer experience with videos is by looking at the Stores Content Guidelines and Acceptance Policies to understand the specific policies that apply to videos on Stores.

Elevate your brand’s visual presence with Amazon creative services

The quality of your brand could be represented by the quality of your videos. Use high-quality videos to demonstrate that your brand is high quality and to differentiate your brand from others on Amazon. With the launch of Amazon creative services, you can now order high-quality, custom creative assets, such as video, through a network of qualified service providers.

Using new creative in Stores and sponsored ads campaigns will help enhance your brand presence on Amazon and engage shoppers. Find the design expertise you need and get started quickly by navigating to creative services within the advertising console to explore services and providers.

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1 Wyzowl, May, 2022, US
2 Amazon internal data, US, February – October 2021