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Touring gold: How a collaboration with Revive boosted clicks for Outback Presents

Druski tour success story

There’s a unique thrill to live events. The excitement of the show and the energy of the crowd can create lasting memories for the audience. But without a solid strategy, precise timing, and a dash of digital magic, selling out live events can also be a challenge.

Outback Presents, a leading independent promoter of live entertainment in North America, was preparing to market a highly anticipated tour headlined by the US comedian, actor, and internet sensation Druski. This presented a unique challenge: how to tap into an audience that’s at the intersection of comedy and hip-hop.

In December 2022, Outback Presents engaged Amazon Ads partner and advertising specialist Revive to tackle this project. Together with Druski’s team, their collaborative efforts successfully marketed the tour to reach the comedian’s core audience.

Outback Presents display ad example

Setting the stage for the Druski tour

Outback Presents promotes and produces shows across North America every year. Their ingenuity lies in harnessing streaming service, audio, display, search, and in-house social campaigns, transforming digital buzz into in-person attendance. Each event comes with its own challenges that require unique solutions.

The Druski tour’s primary audience was a blend of comedy and hip-hop enthusiasts. To build awareness and drive ticket sales, every promotional effort needed to resonate with this distinct group in each tour region.

Outback Presents recognized Revive as an agile Amazon Ads partner with a deep understanding of niche audiences and a comprehensive suite of ad solutions. Together, they crafted a compelling campaign that was both dynamic and tailored for the brand.

Crafting a dynamic strategy for promotion

To foster maximum engagement and conversion, Revive deployed a three-pronged advertising approach. In the first phase, they used Amazon audio ads across tour regions a month ahead of the tour’s commencement to generate early buzz. This strategy sought to spread general awareness and build an initial wave of anticipation.

In the second phase, Revive harnessed Twitch video ads to promote ticket sales to reach comedy and hip-hop audiences on the streaming website. They set staggered flight dates one month before each show, keeping the promotions fresh in the minds of the audience. This move was critical for timely resonance and engagement.

Revive then used Twitch video to reach users who had been exposed to audio ads, building on the foundation of their initial outreach. They also encouraged ticket purchases using Sponsored Display for brands that don’t sell on Amazon. To optimize return on ad spend, Revive allocated resources toward the best-performing placements.

quoteUpThe success of any campaign is contingent on your grasp of audience behaviors and their variation across different channels. Amazon offers a vast array of remarketing options and ad solutions that work together to achieve your campaign goals—the potential for customization is endless. The solution gives you ample opportunity to be strategic.quoteDown
— Zita Hyon, account lead of strategy, Revive

Harmonizing success with forward momentum

Incorporating Sponsored Display improved several performance metrics—the click-through rate increased from 0.014% to 0.11%.1 Moreover, this shift led to an 11x increase in impressions and a 99% decrease in cost per click.2 Simultaneously, Revive observed an 86% boost in overall clicks for their Sponsored Display campaigns.3

Thanks to the success of the Druski campaign, the partnership between Revive and Outback Presents has flourished. During the first half of 2023, they collaborated on campaigns for seven tours across 48 U.S. regions.

With such a trajectory, the future for Outback Presents and Revive is promising. Their shared vision sets the stage for many more innovative campaigns in the live entertainment industry.

“Our teamwork, creativity, and collaboration with Revive have produced exceptional results,” said Kelly Ann Rickert, digital marketing manager at Outback Presents. “We’re excited to keep developing and innovating with them on Amazon Ads projects.”

1-3 Source: Revive, United States, 2023.