Sailor Plan

The short video series Sailor Plan, which launched in 2021 and received hundreds of millions of views, is making a comeback. The series follows “the real stories of Chinese brands going global” to inspire more Chinese advertisers to build their brands, explore overseas marketplaces, reach global consumers, and achieve their full potential.

Using Amazon Ads during Amazon Prime Day 2022, Chinese brands grew their global businesses and supported their company goals. In June, Amazon Ads debuted at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, where three Chinese brands were invited to share behind-the-scenes stories of how they connected with worldwide customers. Follow Sailor Plan Season 2, and join them on their journey abroad.

The second season covers stories of eight new brands from sectors ranging from consumer electronics to fashion and lifestyle, from innovative digital art to online furniture, documenting businesses’ approaches and how they drew on different marketing strategies as they rode the waves. First, let’s meet these “sailors.”

Sailor project

Anker Innovations

The global consumer electronics company Anker Innovations and their mobile charging brand Anker began selling on Amazon in 2011. Their headphone brand, Soundcore, is also popular on Amazon for its excellent sound quality, making it one of the most successful Chinese headphone brands.

Anker Innovations is continuously developing new brands while ensuring their established ones make breakthroughs to better serve customers. Sailor Plan recounts how the company achieved innovation through using insights and promotional tools like Amazon Ads to tell their stories and connect with customers.

Sailor Project Anker Innovation Story Poster "Anker Innovations is born global, and we will continue to work hard to better serve consumers around the world."

Christie Chen (Chen, Yalei)
CMO, Anker Innovations


Waterdrop has a strong presence in the water purification industry in the US marketplace, thanks to their advanced technology and product innovation. In exploring new ways to drive innovation and promote Chinese brands globally, Waterdrop has sonsistently delivered breakthroughs, employed Amazon Ads tools, and built new sites around the world. Sailor Plan looks forward to starting a new chapter of their voyage together.

Sailor Project Ecop Technology Story Poster "What is the end of the fight? It's a brand. A brand is trust, value, and a means of self-protection."

Qi, Dong
Founder, Waterdrop


XPPen is an innovative, world-renowned digital art brand. With their well-designed products and deep insights into different marketplaces, the company has secured a firm footing and strong sales in Amazon stores in Japan, South Korea, and North America. How XPPen ventures across borders, localizes across different regions, and operates with precision using Amazon Ads tools might be a challenge—but more importantly, it is an opportunity.

Sailor Project XPPen Story Poster "Building a brand requires imagination. Be true to yourself, bravely break the rules, and change the world with your dreams."

Li, Yuanzhi

Karmiqi Global Lighting

Like most factory-type brands, Karmiqi Lighting is also rapidly growing. With the help of Amazon Ads, the business is building brand awareness, although it is still in the early stages of going global. The company is encountering numerous challenges in making its way to the world. Yet, how they tackle these hurdles using Amazon Ads tools continues to inspire many start-ups.

Sailor Project Karmiqi Lighting Story Poster "New businesses must endure loneliness. We firmly believe in the power of brands, so we would rather go slower."

Chen, Dedi
CEO and founder, Karmiqi Global Lighting


As the star home-wear brand owned by SAILVAN TIMES, Ekouaer continuously optimizes their brand positioning to focus on a boutique style and has achieved huge success in many marketplaces. However, in expanding globally , they will need to fulfill the differentiated needs of different consumer groups in multiple countries. Among many other local companies seeking opportunities overseas, Ekouaer successfully overcame difficulties and reached out to local consumers. Their outstanding performance will bolster SAILVAN TIMES’ vision of rapid development toward being listed on a stock exchange.

The story poster of the sailor project Saiwei era "to make products, we rely on China's strong manufacturing power; and when we make brands, we need to constantly surpass ourselves."

Chen, Wenping


As one of the leading smart cleaning Chinese brands in the world, Dreame believes that user insights and technological innovation are the company’s building blocks, propelling it toward excellent sales in Amazon stores in many countries. However, the smart home industry continues to be competitive. How the company harnesses Amazon Ads tools to score breakthroughs while maintaining consistent sales in new marketplaces will be Dreame’s next challenge.

Sailor plan to pursue technology story poster "We believe that every generation will have a generation's business. Either don't do it, or let the world see it if you do it."

Yu, Hao
CEO and founder, Dreame


ZIEL HOME owns several subsidiaries of different categories, but as a whole, the company is gradually moving toward their goal of becoming a global enterprise by tapping into their keen retail insights and by creating meaningful products for consumers. Achieving robust sales with the help of Amazon Ads during the peak season is helpful for the company as it goes through the defining moment of being listed on a stock exchange so that the world can see Chinese products for their quality and value.

Sailor Project Zhiou Science and Technology Story Poster "We want to convey to the world: Chinese brands are already established in the world."

Song, Chuan
CEO and founder, ZIEL HOME


With the help of Amazon Ads, SHINEBED has recorded an impressive performance and reliable reputation in the home textile sector in just a few years. Their brand, Bedsure, is already outperforming their peers in the household category in the Amazon store, but is undergoing a branding transformation and upgrading. The team will have to explore means to build their brand and market their products with Amazon Ads tools to reach new heights in sales during the peak season.

Sailor Project Shangbai Global Story Poster "Let Made in China, through all-round localized marketing, impress overseas consumers and enter thousands of families around the world."

Josh Zhu (Zhu, Xingjian)

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