Sailor Plan returns with Season 3

What is Sailor Plan?

First introduced by Amazon Ads in 2021, the short video series Sailor Plan has wrapped up Seasons 1 and 2. Sailor Plan focuses on the journey of Chinese brands striving to explore overseas marketplaces, build global brand images, and grow their businesses abroad. It records the real stories of Chinese brands going global, including the opportunities and challenges they face in the process. These are stories of perseverance, struggle, exploration, breakthrough, and growth.

Sailor Plan will return in 2023 with its third season. In addition to presenting the process of Chinese brands from a fresh industry perspective, Sailor Plan Season 3 will depict how Amazon Ads is supporting small and medium-sized businesses in achieving leaps from “small” to “large.”

In the third season, Sailor Plan will present more surprises. It will focus on the power of Chinese brands growing from small to large, continuing to write stories that evoke resonance. It will focus on common values and on small and medium-sized brands going global, showcasing their relentless attempts and the energy they have unleashed in the process.

This new season has recruited professional “navigators” from the previous season. These navigators will play an important role in the current season, growing together with new “sailors” and setting sail for new horizons.

Since the first season, Sailor Plan has presented the journey of Chinese brands from various perspectives, with different industries and brands on overseas expansion paths. Over the past two seasons, we have tracked and recorded the overseas campaigns of 11 Chinese companies, capturing numerous fascinating stories. What achievements have these brave sailors made? Let's take a look together !

Sailor project

Watch Season 3 of Sailor Plan

Sailor Plan Season 3 will kick off in the second half of 2023. Find it on Amazon Ads and the official accounts on WeChat, Douyin, Bilibili, and Weibo. Join these courageous “sailors” as they go global.

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Sailor project

Previous Sailor stories

Since the first season, Sailor Plan has presented the journey of Chinese brands from various perspectives, with different industries and brands on overseas expansion paths. Over the past two seasons, we have tracked and recorded the overseas campaigns of 11 Chinese companies, capturing numerous fascinating stories. What achievements have these brave sailors made?

Sailor Plan Season 2

Anker Innovations

Anker Innovations, featured in Season 2, is a global consumer electronics company. Their mobile charging brand Anker has ranked among the top brands in the global industry after starting their business on Amazon. Meanwhile, their headphone brand, Soundcore, has rapidly gained popularity worldwide by delivering excellent sound quality and effectively utilizing Amazon’s promotional tools, becoming one of the most successful Chinese headphone brands.

Sailor Project Anker Innovation Story Poster "Anker Innovations is born global, and we will continue to work hard to better serve consumers around the world."

Christie Chen (Chen, Yalei)
CMO, Anker Innovations


Featured in Season 2, XPPen is an innovative, world-renowned digital art brand. With their unique product advantages, traffic guided through effective ad placement strategies, and external video ads (including streaming TV ads and online video ads), XPPen has quickly achieved positive customer reviews and impressive sales on the Japanese and South Korean site and the North American site.1

Sailor Project XPPen Story Poster "Building a brand requires imagination. Be true to yourself, bravely break the rules, and change the world with your dreams."

Li, Yuanzhi


Dreametech, featured in Season 2, is one of the leading smart cleaning Chinese brands in the world. By continuously optimizing their Amazon Ads listing page and exploring new market opportunities, Dreametech has achieved outstanding results on Amazon sites in many countries and set new records in sales.

Sailor plan to pursue technology story poster "We believe that every generation will have a generation's business. Either don't do it, or let the world see it if you do it."

Yu, Hao
CEO and founder, Dreame

Ecolife Technologies, Inc.

Ecolife Technologies, Inc., was also featured in Season 2. Their brand Waterdrop has become a leading player in the water purification industry in the U.S. marketplace. By leveraging Amazon’s Posts feature, Waterdrop has gained more traffic during Prime Day, resulting in significant sales growth and positive customer reviews.

Sailor Project Ecop Technology Story Poster "What is the end of the fight? It's a brand. A brand is trust, value, and a means of self-protection."

Qi, Dong
Founder, Waterdrop

Karmiqi Global Lighting

Like most factory-type brands, Karmiqi Lighting is also rapidly growing. With the help of Amazon Ads, the business is building brand awareness, although it is still in the early stages of going global. The company is encountering numerous challenges in making its way to the world. Yet, how they tackle these hurdles using Amazon Ads tools continues to inspire many start-ups.

Sailor Project Karmiqi Lighting Story Poster "New businesses must endure loneliness. We firmly believe in the power of brands, so we would rather go slower."

Chen, Dedi
CEO and founder, Karmiqi Global Lighting


As the star home-wear brand owned by SAILVAN TIMES, Ekouaer continuously optimizes their brand positioning to focus on a boutique style and has achieved huge success in many marketplaces. However, in expanding globally , they will need to fulfill the differentiated needs of different consumer groups in multiple countries. Among many other local companies seeking opportunities overseas, Ekouaer successfully overcame difficulties and reached out to local consumers. Their outstanding performance will bolster SAILVAN TIMES’ vision of rapid development toward being listed on a stock exchange.

The story poster of the sailor project Saiwei era "to make products, we rely on China's strong manufacturing power; and when we make brands, we need to constantly surpass ourselves."

Chen, Wenping


ZIEL HOME owns several subsidiaries of different categories, but as a whole, the company is gradually moving toward their goal of becoming a global enterprise by tapping into their keen retail insights and by creating meaningful products for consumers. Achieving robust sales with the help of Amazon Ads during the peak season is helpful for the company as it goes through the defining moment of being listed on a stock exchange so that the world can see Chinese products for their quality and value.

Sailor Project Zhiou Science and Technology Story Poster "We want to convey to the world: Chinese brands are already established in the world."

Song, Chuan
CEO and founder, ZIEL HOME


With the help of Amazon Ads, SHINEBED has recorded an impressive performance and reliable reputation in the home textile sector in just a few years. Their brand, Bedsure, is already outperforming their peers in the household category in the Amazon store, but is undergoing a branding transformation and upgrading. The team will have to explore means to build their brand and market their products with Amazon Ads tools to reach new heights in sales during the peak season.

Sailor Project Shangbai Global Story Poster "Let Made in China, through all-round localized marketing, impress overseas consumers and enter thousands of families around the world."

Josh Zhu (Zhu, Xingjian)

Sailor Plan Season 1


Featured in Season 1, TINECO is a brand that specializes in high-end intelligent home appliances. With their focus on new product development, inventory management, logistics deployment, and precise ad placement on Amazon, TINECO achieved over 100% year-over-year sales growth during Prime Day 2021. Their floor-cleaning products, such as floor washers and vacuum cleaners, have ranked first in their category on Amazon in the U.S. and Germany for two consecutive years.

Qian, Dongqi, Founder, TINECO

Qian, Dongqi, Founder, TINECO


As a comprehensive oral care brand, USmile was featured in Season 1. The brand has established their presence on Amazon, including opening their flagship store and activating features like Follow and Posts. They have also utilized Amazon DSP and Sponsored Display to guide traffic. During the Black Friday 2021 shopping season, USmile’s sales on Amazon increased by approximately 300% compared to normal days.

Chen, Jianqun CEO and founder, USmile

Chen, Jianqun CEO and founder, USmile

Milestones of Sailor Plan

  • 2023: Sailor Plan Season 3 is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2023.
  • December 2022: Sailor Plan Season 2 concludes, generating more than 250 million cumulative views.
  • October 2022: Sailor Plan was featured at unBoxed 2022 in New York City.
  • August 2022: Sailor Plan Season 2 officially launches.
  • June 2022: Sailor Plan makes its appearance at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.
  • December 2021: Sailor Plan Season 1 concludes, achieving more than 130 million views.
  • September 2021: Sailor Plan Season 1 officially launches.

1 XPPen, CN, 2022