New global features on manager accounts

June 15, 2022

What launched?

Introducing new global features on manager accounts. Using the “Manager account access” option, you have the choice to link accounts from any marketplace that Amazon operates in to your manager account, regardless of their ad program and account type. Once accounts are linked, you can use the accounts overview page to view and export customized performance metrics associated with cross-region accounts. Also, you can view billing alerts to quickly identify which accounts need your attention. Finally, you can invite a user that gets access across all marketplaces in a single invitation. All existing manager accounts are equipped with this global functionality and all new manager accounts will be global by default. You can easily navigate between all your global manager accounts using the account picker on the top right of the advertising console.

Why is it important?

With this update, advertisers have a unified view of all their global advertising activity at Amazon Ads. They can operate on their advertising accounts across all marketplaces from one place without the need to maintain manager accounts in each region where they operate. This reduces complexity in overseeing performance metrics and billing notifications relative to their global media activity. Additionally, it reduces time spent for users who had to previously sign in to the Amazon Ads console in each region to link accounts, manage users, and view or export metrics. This update makes it easier to collaborate with and manage users across regional teams, and eliminates the need to collate metrics across regions for global reporting.

Examples of global features on manager accounts

Where is it available?

North America
  • CA
  • MX
  • US
South America
  • BR
  • DE
  • ES
  • FR
  • IT
  • NL
  • PL
  • SE
  • UK
Middle East
  • KSA
  • UAE
Asia Pacific
  • AU
  • IN
  • JP
  • SG

Where do I access it?

  • Advertising console

Who can use it?

  • Managed service
  • Self-service
  • Vendors
  • Registered sellers
  • Authors

To get started, visit to create a new manager account or click the “Linked accounts” option within the “Manager account access” page from your existing manager account to link accounts from any marketplace.

Coming soon

In the coming weeks, Amazon Ads is launching new functionality that will allow media buyers to register once on by creating a manager account to advertise across both sponsored ads and Amazon DSP. Once you create a manager account, you will be able to request to initiate the approval process for Amazon DSP to unlock programmatic display and video campaigns directly from your manager account’s Products page in a self-service manner. You will also be able to create advertiser accounts for sponsored ads and Amazon DSP from a single administrative page, and invite new users for sponsored ads and Amazon DSP accounts through a single, consolidated invite experience. Lastly, manager account admins will be able to invite advertiser team users to an individual Amazon DSP advertiser account with read-only access that allows them to run reports for their campaigns with a limited set of metrics.

You spoke, we listened

This launch or feature update is as a result of advertiser driven feedback