Climate Pledge Friendly (CPF): Creative Guidelines

What is Climate Pledge Friendly (CPF)?

The Climate Pledge is a commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. Amazon cofounded the Climate Pledge in 2019 with civic organization Global Optimism to build a cross-sector community of companies, organizations, individuals, and partners working together to address the climate crisis and solve the challenges of decarbonizing our economy.

Not to be confused with the Climate Pledge described above, Climate Pledge Friendly (CPF) is a retail program on Amazon that uses sustainability certifications to highlight products that help preserve the natural world. We’re inviting brands to participate by securing one of the certifications that qualify for the Climate Pledge Friendly program.

To qualify for Climate Pledge Friendly, a product must be accredited by one of Amazon’s certifications (Compact by Design or Pre-owned Certified) or by a third- party (3P) certification in the program. Find more information on registration here.

Compact by Design


Pre-owned Certified


By a third-party certification in the program. See all 3P certifications here.

third-party certifications

I have Climate Pledge Friendly products. How do I showcase that via advertising?

Include the CPF logo on your ads by following our CPF logo guidance:


Always leave clear space proportional to the height of the “E” character on all sides of the logo.

Climate pledge friendly logo


The logo can be used in three different color variations. Please choose the version that ensures the best contrast and legibility relative to the background color.

Climate pledge friendly logo with background color

CPF logo guidance: Prohibited usage

Use of the CPF logo is not permitted in the following:

  • Creatives showing product(s) not certified as Climate Pledge Friendly: Only use the CPF logo with creatives showcasing CPF product(s). Every single product shown must be CPF-Certified in order to use the logo. Never use the logo in ads showing a product not certified as Climate Pledge Friendly.
  • Generic brand creative: Never use the CPF logo in creatives that focus on generic brand communication, even if the messaging relates to sustainability. The CPF label specifically qualifies a single product as Climate Pledge Friendly, and is not applicable to a brand as a whole.

CPF creative guidelines: Copy

As with all ads, CPF creatives must adhere to Amazon Ads policies. Ads must provide clear and accurate information to customers so that they are informed before they engage with an ad or purchase a product.

Amazon Ads policies relating to environmental or “green” claims can be found in Amazon Ads Guidelines and Acceptance Policies: Environmental or “Green” Claims.

Below are more specific guidance and examples that apply to all ads featuring Climate Pledge Friendly (CPF) products:

Claims, substantiation, and prohibited messaging: “Green,” “eco-friendly,” and similar claims must be supported by appropriate substantiation. Read more on substantiation requirements. Any ad copy that reasonably falls into the “Prohibited Claims” category will cause ads to be rejected by moderation. Read more on Environmental or “Green” Claims.

My product meets the Climate Pledge Friendly requirements, but isn’t badged. What do I do next?
First, make sure your unique product is certified (not the product packaging or an individual component of your product). If you still think your product should qualify, you can log in to your Seller Central or Vendor Central account to access the Contact Us page.

If you are new to Amazon and your product has a Climate Pledge Friendly certification, get in touch with an account executive and learn how we can help you sell on Amazon.

Climate pledge friendly logo