Advertising your brand on Amazon

Reasons to advertise your brand

“Everyone wants to be at the top of Amazon. Well, we’ve found two products work the best. We have Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.”
– David Rifkin, MPO Global

Why should you build your brand?

Discovery awareness

Branding is a marketing practice where a business distinguishes itself and its products through its name, logo, designs, and the stories it chooses to tell. Branding plays a role in helping a business stand out from the competition and influence how they’re perceived by the public.

While there are many ways a business can promote its brand in the market, brand marketing can be one of the most effective. Why? It helps create awareness on a wider scale, sparking interest and demand from new audiences.

What is brand advertising?

Brand advertising is advertising that has a goal of creating memorable, engaging experiences and interactions for customers—and it’s key in helping you shape a favorable opinion of your brand in a customer’s mind over time.

This form of advertising is used to build lasting relationships and encourage repeat purchase behavior, leading to a loyal customer base.

Why should I use advertising to promote my brand?

Advertising offers a unique opportunity to propel your brand’s reach and deliver relevant, meaningful messages to different audiences.

Advertising can be strategic: You can determine your audience and design your ad campaign to reach your desired shoppers.
Advertising can be controllable: When advertising your brand, you control the message, timing, cost, and experience.
Advertising can be customizable: Create personalized, consistent experiences tailored to your audience and goals to tell your brand’s story and control its reputation.

What can advertising on Amazon do for your brand?

Millions of shoppers are searching for products on Amazon. In fact, nearly 80% of Amazon shoppers use Amazon to discover new products and brands.1

Advertising can help customers notice your brand, no matter what stage they are in the decision journey. By appearing in high-impact placements on desktop and mobile, advertising helps you maximize exposure on Amazon and reach an engaged audience. Advertising your brand on Amazon, especially with Sponsored Brands, can:

Illustration of Brand Discovery

Establish brand discovery

Sponsored Brands give you the opportunity to quickly grow consideration for your brand and collection of products with customers who have expressed an interest in products like yours.

Illustration of Brand Measurement

Establish brand measurement

Sponsored Brands use unique first-party metrics like “new-to-brand” so you can measure how many new customers you’ve gained in the past 12 months and optimize for greater lifetime value.

Illustration of Customer Trust

Create customer trust

When you link your Sponsored Brands campaign to a Store, you extend your interaction past the click. This creates opportunities for deeper connection with potential customers. This connection also allows you to build brand loyalty and provides a chance for upselling, basket building, and bundling.

Learn about your options and create your advertising strategy on Amazon now.

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