3 ways to upgrade your Sponsored Products campaigns

Man using a laptop.

We know you have a lot on your plate as a small-business owner. After launching a Sponsored Products campaign, it’s important to remember to regularly optimize it for success. This can look different for everyone, depending on your business goals, and we want to share some simple ways to do this. Here’s how to get started.

What is campaign optimization, and why should I do it?

Optimizing your campaigns consists of reviewing, editing, and updating your campaign’s settings. This can help maintain and improve the relevancy and effectiveness of your campaign setup, from the products you’re advertising to the bids you’ve selected. It’s something you should do on an ongoing basis to help your campaigns continue to perform in alignment with your goals.

Knowing what to adjust can be overwhelming. Here are three ways you can improve your campaigns for optimal performance.

1. Make your ad spend work harder, without spending more

Optimizing your existing campaigns doesn’t require additional budget or advertising more products. It’s an easy and effective way to be more efficient in the spend you’ve already committed.

Make sure to review your performance in the campaign manager to find areas to improve, such as adjusting your bids, budget, and keyword targeting. By diversifying these campaign settings, you could potentially reach more shoppers, which can increase sales.

Consider using budget rules, a feature within the campaign manager, to help manage and optimize advertising budgets. Budget rules can automatically increase budget during a specific time frame, or when campaigns hit a certain key performance indicator.

2. Apply your personalized campaign recommendations in just one click

Campaign recommendations are suggestions that provide you with ideas for new campaigns or adjustments to your existing campaigns. They’re relevant to your brand and campaigns, and you’ll receive them when there’s an opportunity to help improve the performance of your sponsored ads.

One of the best things about these recommendations is that they’re easy to implement and can be applied in one simple click.

You’ll find these campaign recommendations in your advertising account in the campaign manager, and you can edit them to suit your needs. To learn more, watch this video for an overview of our campaign recommendations and then find out how to apply them.

3. Save time with our easy-to-use features

Amazon Ads has easy-to-use features that can help your campaigns:

Suggested products

Find out which of your products are most likely to generate clicks and sales if you advertise them by using the suggested products sort option within the campaign builder. Try adding these products to a new or existing campaign.

Sponsored Products campaigns with presets

These campaigns are auto-populated with settings such as the daily budget, bidding strategy, or associated bids, using learnings from past campaigns with similar products. If they’re available to you, you’ll find your campaigns with presets in the campaign builder.

Product detail pages

When the detail page of a product you’re advertising includes thorough, high-quality information, your chances of getting a click or making a sale could significantly increase. It’s an easy, free, and effective way of generating more engagement and improving your products for advertising.