Small upgrades can make a big impact to your advertising success

Your products are arguably the most important part of your advertising campaigns. However, it can be easy to overlook the positive impact your product detail page can have on your advertising performance. When the detail page of a product you’re advertising includes comprehensive, high-quality information, your chances of getting a click or making a sale can significantly increase. It’s an easy, free, and effective way of generating more engagement for your advertised products. What’s not to love?

Amazon product details page

Advertisers who applied at least one product detail page improvement recommendation saw a 29% increase in sales after one week, on average, when advertising with sponsored ads.1

There are lots of benefits to updating your product detail pages. Keep reading to discover how it could benefit you.

Start strong with a descriptive product title

A concise title that is easy to read and fewer than 60 words can make your product stand out from the crowd.

Amazon product details page product description

Grab shoppers’ attention with eye-catching imagery

Aim for four or more high-quality, zoomable images that show off your product from different angles to help your customer make a purchase decision.

Amazon product details page with highlighted product images

Use key search terms to be discovered

Help customers find your products and brand by including at least three bullet points, a detailed product description, and keyword search terms that customers may use when searching for what they want to buy.

Amazon product details page with highlighted key search terms

Advertisers saw an average 38% uplift in sales one week after adding at least three descriptive bullet points to products advertised with sponsored ads.2

Advertisers saw an average 43% uplift in sales one week after adding Search Terms to products they advertise with sponsored ads.3

Bring your brand and products to life

If you’re a brand owner, adding A+ content to your product detail page—such as images, an enhanced product description and information about your brand—can help give shoppers more information, encouraging them to buy your product, and also helping build brand awareness and repeat purchases.

Amazon product details page with highlighted A+ content

One more thing.

Optimizing your product detail page is something you should do on an ongoing basis, so remember to regularly review and update to help keep the page relevant and discoverable by shoppers on the Amazon store.

What’s next?

For more information, we’ve put together a guide of tips and detailed examples for you to optimize your product listings. If you’re ready to find your own recommendations, specific to your own advertised products, head to the Products page and start upgrading now.

1-3 WW, 07/01/2022 to 12/31/2022. This is based on past data and does not guarantee future performance.