Congratulations, your Store was approved! Now what?

Once your Store is live, you will see a Store link in the “Stores” section within your advertising account, an option to “Manage Store” for future updates, and an option to “See insights.”

If you haven't created a Store yet, visit our guide on how to get started.

Post-launch checklist

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1. Are your ASINs linked to your Store at the brand byline?

The brand byline (organic traffic) is customer traffic coming from the hyperlinked brand name on product detail pages. Depending on how you originally set up ASINs, and how your Amazon Brand Registry profile was set up, some (or all) ASINs may not link to the Store properly once live.

If this is the case, please contact either Vendor or Seller Central support and provide 1) Store link, 2) ASIN example(s), and 3) a brief explanation of the challenge at hand.

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2. Update the long URL to a shortened URL

When you launch your Store, a long URL is automatically generated. Submit a request to the Vendor or Seller Central support team in your account providing the current Store link and the short link you’d like to have.

Review your Store “Insights”

3. Review your Store “Insights”

Curious to know which pages have the most visits? What sales did you make within a specific date range? How many pages visitors are viewing when they land in your Store? In the Stores Insights Dashboard, you have access to a range of metrics that provides visibility into how your Store is performing. Discover a complete list of Store metrics available to you.

Help increase traffic to your Store

Sponsored Brands

Increase traffic

Advertisers who start linking their Sponsored Brands campaigns to their Store for the first time see an average of 36% increase in impressions in the next month, compared to advertisers who do not take this action. You can link Sponsored Brands campaigns to the Store home page or any sub-page. For best performance, ensure your campaigns link to the most relevant pages and provide a fluid journey for customers.

  • Tool tip: If you have launched Sponsored Brands before creating your Store, you can use the “copy” function within your campaign manager in the advertising account to quickly re-create duplicates of these old campaigns to link them to your Store.

Other channels

Consider sharing your Store’s unique URL on your social media, blog, or website.

  • Tool tip: Create unique source tags (URLs). You can use source tags to understand traffic and sales generated from marketing activities wherever they spend time. There is no limit to how many tags you can create, and tags do not expire.

Your brand’s byline

Your byline appears on product detail pages near the title, often in blue text, and can connect traffic to your Store when customers click the link. If your Store is not linked, please contact either Vendor or Seller Central support and provide 1) Store link, 2) ASIN example(s), and 3) a brief explanation of the challenge at hand.

Optimizing your Store

Stores are never finalized, and it’s important to keep your Store up to date for both new and returning customers. Shopping trends change, seasonality occurs, and new products launch. We’ve seen that on average, Stores updated within the past 90 days have 21% more repeat visitors and 35% higher attributed sales per visitor.2

Update your Store

Reasons we think you should update your Store

  • New releases: Your Store is a great space to add new ASINs routinely, especially on a page dedicated to new releases. Creating visibility for new products in the Store helps support product growth for these new releases.
  • Seasonality: Seasons change, and so do the use cases for your products. If your brand sells products that are very seasonally driven (example: heaters and fans), consider updating your category page order, the order of home page tiles, and product offerings to better reflect the seasonal demand.
  • Tent pole events: With Stores “Versioning & scheduling,” brands are able to create different versions of a Store today for unique holiday events in the future. Running deals during Prime Day? Have promotions set up around Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Want to promote a Christmas-themed Store? Don’t wait; create Store versions today.
  • Content refresh: As you create new content or rebrand, ensure that you incorporate new content onto your Store.
Store optimization

Store optimization: Knowing when your Store needs attention

  • Low daily traffic to my Store: It means your Store visibility is low. You may want to promote your Store through social media or advertising campaigns, such as Sponsored Brands advertisements. Also, ensure your brand byline for your ASINs properly links to your Store.
  • Good traffic, but low sales on my Store: It means your Store is getting good visibility but customers are not purchasing your product within 14 days of their last visit. If you sell products that are costly, or require high customer trust, it’s possible that your Store needs additional awareness and consideration (you can promote with video using Sponsored Brands videos). If you sell products that have a quick turnover, consider changing some of your tiles to tile types that provide customers easy ways to purchase products (example: add a product grid or individual product tile with an “Add to cart” button).
  • Good conversion on category pages that have low traffic: It means that some of your pages are converting well, but they lack traffic. You may want to target your Sponsored Brands campaigns and source tags to these specific pages. Look to your orders/visitor or units/visitor data.
  • Good traffic on category pages that have low sales: It means that some pages are getting good visibility but do not convert as well as hoped. It may be that the page presents only one product, or provides more content about your brand than it displays products for sale.
  • No traffic or sales on specific pages: It means that the traffic you’re driving to your Store is not interested in the specific page, or the products customers are looking for are difficult to find. If you want to increase performance of a specific page, consider making it more visible on your homepage or driving traffic to the page with Sponsored Brands.
quoteUpStores are a great way to showcase your products, and also to give buyers an opportunity to fall in love with your brand.quoteDown
– Ritu Java, Advertiser, PPC Ninja

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1Amazon internal data, US , August 2020
2Amazon internal data, WW, May 2020