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How Incrementum Digital turned Thermal J’s cooling sales into record-high growth

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Partner Awards

The Amazon Ads Partner Awards recognize and celebrate the work that Amazon Ads partners deliver for their clients. Incrementum Digital is a finalist for the 2023 Performance Award (Americas region), which recognizes a partner who has used three or more Amazon Ads products to help a brand optimize their campaign strategy, drive business growth, and engage shoppers across the customer journey.

In March of 2022, Thermal J was in a cold spell. After several months of steady decline, sales had decreased 64%, and the thermal clothing company was worried they soon could be shut out of their category. To turn things around, Thermal J approached the team at Incrementum Digital to build a plan that would boost brand recognition and spark sales among new and existing customers.

Renovating content to help drive sales growth

Incrementum Digital worked with Thermal J to develop a 90-day growth plan that involved campaign optimization, expansion, and maintenance to ease the steep decline in sales following peak holiday months.

To help enhance product visibility and drive organic sales growth, Incrementum Digital used Amazon Ads tools to optimize product content. They added A+ Content—including rich text, imagery, videos, and banners—to improve the visual appeal of Thermal J’s product detail pages. Incrementum Digital engaged customers further through the use of Amazon Posts, sharing images and product-related content through a social media–like feed.

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Thermal J campaign ad examples

Improving brand visibility by enhancing sponsored ads

They also revamped Thermal J’s Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands ads and closely monitored performance. For example, in September 2022, Incrementum Digital began promoting some of Thermal J’s top listings, resulting in an 88% increase in new-to-brand (NTB) orders on sponsored ads compared to the previous year’s month-over-month increase.

To improve product visibility, Thermal J invested in highly relevant, high-traffic search terms, focusing on keywords that had demonstrated the ability to drive conversions for them. Incrementum Digital used the Sponsored Products search term impression share report to better understand how Thermal J’s impression share for each search term compared with that of other brands.

Engaging and monitoring audiences outside of Amazon

Incrementum Digital also tapped into audiences beyond Amazon. They tracked the effectiveness of their campaigns using Amazon Attribution to gain insight into how Thermal J’s non-Amazon marketing channels perform on Amazon.

To further amplify brand awareness, Incrementum Digital turned to Amazon DSP to reach new and existing audiences, both on Amazon and on third-party apps and websites. They built custom audiences in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) for use in Amazon DSP campaigns, to reach potential customers who had previously viewed Thermal J brands.

Incrementum Digital also expanded the advertiser’s audience by running awareness campaigns on competitors’ sites using Amazon DSP. They selected in-market audiences based on insights gathered from AMC custom audience reports, starting with a focus on Sports Enthusiasts and Outdoors Enthusiasts audiences.

Achieving an all-time high in sales revenue

Incrementum Digital’s strategy yielded consistent positive results and exceeded Thermal J’s expectations. For instance, sales improved dramatically. In December 2022, sales revenue reached an all-time high, with year-over-year (YoY) growth of nearly 120%.1 In the fourth quarter, the brand saw a 107% increase in YoY topline revenue, surpassing their goal of a 30% YoY increase.2

The strategy not only helped boost revenue but also successfully expanded Thermal J’s customer base, as 72% of total sales from Amazon DSP came from NTB customers.3 Brand awareness efforts resulted in an 80% increase in detail page views for Thermal J’s featured ASINs and a 400% increase in branded searches.4

Incrementum Digital also helped Thermal J optimize advertising costs and maximize their return on ad spend (ROAS). They achieved record-breaking improvements in advertising cost of sales (ACOS) with consistent improvement, decreasing by 56% in January 2023.5 Overall, Incrementum Digital’s 90-day growth plan became a cornerstone of Thermal J’s sponsored ads activation process, warming up the brand for consistent growth in the future.

1-5 Source: Incrementum Digital, United States, 2023.