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Travis Marziani quit his corporate job in February 2013 to work on his online retail business full time. He was able to take his business to the next level when he started selling on Amazon and focusing on products he was passionate about. Travis started using sponsored ads in the summer of 2016, and saw great return on ad spend. He actively shares his journey, as well as his thoughts on online retail and advertising, in his "Travis Marziani" YouTube channel.

Advertising in Travis's own words:

quoteUpSponsored ads is one of the best ways you can spend your marketing dollars. I've seen pretty good return on ad spend, which helps me stay profitable.quoteDown

Not sure how to create an automatic-targeted Sponsored Products campaign? It is easy and takes just minutes to set up.

In this video, Travis walks you through each step to create an automatic-targeted campaign.

If you have a list of keywords you would like to target, you can create a Sponsored Products manual campaign with keyword targeting. Advertisers who start using manual targeting in their Sponsored Products campaigns for the first time see an average of 74% increase in sales in the next month, compared to advertisers who do not take this action*.

See how Travis creates a keyword-targeted manual campaign.

With Sponsored Products, you can also create a manual campaign with product targeting. With this, you'll target products on Amazon that are relevant to your advertised products.

See how Travis creates a product-targeted manual campaign.

Applying a negative match type to keywords in your campaign prevents your ads from showing when customers browse with those terms. This helps you maximize relevant clicks and minimize those that aren't.

In this video, Travis walks you through how he sets up negative keywords in his campaigns.

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Anthony Bui Tran started selling on Amazon while working a full-time job in Houston. He turned it into a successful business at the age of 23, and a year and half later he quit his job to pursue online retail full-time. Anthony has been documenting his experiences and learnings on the Seller Tradecraft YouTube channel to help others learn about how to get started selling on Amazon and best practices for Amazon sponsored ads.

Advertising in Anthony's own words:

quoteUpBy using Amazon sponsored ads, I have been [able] to connect customers with products that provide solutions to their everyday lives. Amazon ads have really helped my business and helped me increase my sales.quoteDown

Advertising cost of sales (ACOS) represents the ratio of ad spend to promoted product sales (Sponsored Products) or overall brand sales (Sponsored Brands). It is calculated as ad spend divided by attributed sales.

Watch this video to hear Anthony explain how to calculate an ACOS that meets your business needs.

Save time with automatic targeting, where Amazon will target keywords and products similar to the ones in your ad. Amazon will automatically update the search terms used for your automatic targeting campaigns. Enter one bid and you're done.

Watch this video to see Anthony's approach to automatic targeting campaigns.

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David Zaleski began his entrepreneur journey at an early age. He started selling on Amazon at 18 years old, and built his efforts into a successful business over the span of 4 years. Since then, he has been sharing his tips for selling on Amazon through his podcast and "David Zaleski" YouTube channel.

Advertising in David's own words:

quoteUpWe use Sponsored Products within our business to help drive product visibility faster.quoteDown

Consider launching multiple Sponsored Products campaigns within your first few weeks of advertising. From these campaigns, you can identify top-performing products and keywords so you know where to focus your resources.

Watch this video to hear David and Amazon seller Taz Ahsan discuss their keyword and campaign structure strategy.

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*Amazon internal data, US, March 2020
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