Amazon Live

A new way to shop on Amazon

Inspire, inform and entertain customers with real-time brand interaction.

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Seller to seller: Shortcuts to success

Catch audiences’ attentions with high-energy, personality-driven video programming that highlights your brand and products through storytelling by real people.

Inform and educate

Using live product demonstrations, educate audiences on product features, benefits and special offers, and help customers make informed buying decisions.

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Live chat feature UI

Connect and engage

With Live’s chat feature, interact with shoppers in real time and help shoppers stay connected with “Follow”. Shoppers that follow your brand on Amazon are eligible to get reminders any time you go live.

Meet our customers

Through a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Amazon Ads, the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander was revealed to thousands of potential customers and industry experts through a livestream using Amazon Live.

Three ways to engage audiences with Amazon Live

Managed service/Amazon hosts

Brands can integrate into our Amazon produced live shows, which are carefully curated, often themed and always inspirational with a purpose. Hosts provide authentic testimonials and demonstrations to educate shoppers about products that are available in Amazon’s store.

Amazon influencers

Brands can sponsor influencer livestreams that are produced by top influencers using the Amazon Live Creator app.

Brands (self-service)

Brands can stream straight from their iOS device to Amazon with the Amazon Live Creator app and have complete control over the content.

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Get started with Amazon Live (self-service)

Create an eye-catching livestream in four simple steps.


Sign in with your Seller Central or advertising console credentials.


Follow the in-app instructions to select products to feature, choose a title and set a start time. Review the Community Policy.


Capture your Live video either directly through Amazon Live Creator or by using an external camera and streaming it to Amazon.


Who can use Amazon Live?

You can create your own Amazon live stream for free by downloading the Amazon Live Creator app, or collaborate with us for an Amazon-produced live stream.

The Amazon Live Creator app is available in the US to vendors who have a Store and professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon-produced livestreams typically require a minimum spend of $50,000 (US). Pricing varies by contract and is subject to change. Contact an Amazon Ads account executive for more information.

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How much does live streaming on Amazon cost?

There is no cost for brands to create their own live stream on Amazon using the Amazon Live Creator app. There is a minimum cost of USD $50,000 to integrate into an Amazon-produced show (prices vary by contract and are subject to change). All live streams can be found on and in the Amazon mobile app under Amazon Live.

What devices can I use to live stream?

The Amazon Live Creator app is available on the App Store for iOS-enabled devices. Customers can view live streams on desktop, mobile web, mobile app, Fire Tablet and Fire TV.

Is the Amazon Live Creator app supported on other devices?

The Amazon Live Creator app is currently only available and optimized for the iPhone. Amazon Live Creator can be used on an iPad, but the experience is not optimized.

The app is currently not available for Android devices.

Where on Amazon do live streams appear?

Amazon shoppers can discover live streams in several locations on and the app. Brand-created live streams can appear on the detail pages for the products in the live stream, as well as across various placements where Amazon shoppers browse. Amazon-produced live streams appear in prominent placements across Amazon relevant to the content, such as the home page, event pages and category pages. All live streams can be found on and in the Amazon mobile app under Amazon Live.

How do I make Amazon Live part of my advertising strategy?

Amazon Live is part of Amazon’s suite of brand content solutions for helping you drive discovery, connect with shoppers and retain customers, also known as mid-funnel marketing or consideration advertising. Make livestreaming part of your strategy for introducing new audiences to your business, in combination with creating a branded shopping destination with Stores, sharing brand content with Posts and advertising with Sponsored Brands.

How can customers follow my brand?

All live streams display a prominent Follow button, where interested shoppers can click to stay up to date with the influencers, people, brands and interests that they care about on Amazon. When a customer follows an entity, they will be notified when that entity goes live. Read more about Amazon Follow.

How do I get my brand and products featured in Amazon-produced live streams?

Contact an Amazon Ads account executive to learn more about available packages and eligibility requirements.

What shows does Amazon Live produce throughout the year?

Amazon-produced livestreams include Today’s Deals Live; livestreams for shopping events such as Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Off to College; livestreams supporting holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving and Halloween; and livestreams that amplify other specific seasonal moments, including Holiday Gift Guides.