Reaching relevant audiences with product targeting

September 30, 2020

By Malhar Vyas
Sr. Program Manager

Product targeting can help put your ads in front of customers who are browsing similar or complementary products to yours on Amazon. Available when creating ad campaigns using both Sponsored Display and Sponsored Products, product targeting allows you to target individual items or product categories to help drive consideration and sales. Each of these solutions has unique elements and features that can ultimately contribute to your business goals. Let’s take a look at them.

Product targeting on Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display helps you drive action with display campaigns that inspire recall and purchase. With product targeting, these easy-to-set-up display campaigns can help you engage audiences who are considering similar or complementary products and categories. Your automatically generated creatives also show deals and savings badges, so customers can more easily spot special offers that are relevant to their interests and shopping preferences. With Sponsored Display, you can include a custom headline and logo, helping communicate your brand and product story to customers.

This targeting tactic can help promote product discovery by driving traffic to your product pages through ad placements that may appear alongside customer reviews, on shopping results pages, and in highly visible placements on the far right side of product detail pages. By using product targeting, you can also refine your campaigns by price and star rating, which can help your products stand out.

Sponsored Display ad placement
Sponsored Display ad placement

Product targeting on Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products helps you promote individual product listings on Amazon. With product targeting, you can help grow your sales by reaching customers who are shopping for products like yours with ad placements that appear at the bottom of product detail pages and categories, or within shopping results. Sponsored Products ads direct customers to your product page.

In campaign manager, you can use the ASIN suggestions provided to you, or search for specific products and categories you want to target—with the ability to refine by brand, star reviews, price, and Prime shipping eligibility.

sponsored products ad placement

Using product targeting with both Sponsored Display and Sponsored Products can help you connect with more customers, driving consideration of your portfolio with relevant audiences and conversion of individual products once shoppers are ready to buy.

Learn more about Sponsored Products and discover all Sponsored Display’s targeting tactics available for sellers and vendors and launch your first product targeting campaign today.