The importance of brand advertising

January 19, 2021 | By Leila Gabrovec

Brand advertising helps companies generate awareness, expand reach, and make their brand name more recognizable to customers. One way it does that is by showcasing their brand story. That story plays a major role in how brands connect with their audience and build trust at every touch point—whether it’s at the awareness, consideration, conversion, or loyalty stage.

Building customer trust

According to a study by Edelman, when a customer has trusted a brand for a long time, they are twice as likely to buy that brand’s products, stay loyal, and advocate for the brand. Additionally, seeing a brand's message repeated across three different channels strengthens customer trust in that message.1 Connecting and communicating across the full-funnel is important to building that trust with existing customers, and potential new ones.

One of the largest ad effectiveness studies in the history of advertising, conducted by Peter Field and Les Binet, found that the optimal media strategy for driving growth should be composed of 60% brand building using a mass reach strategy, and 40% sales activation reaching customers that you know are likely to buy.2 So, according to the study, you should focus on consumers that are already familiar with your brand, but even more so on those that may not be. Brand advertising offers many opportunities to do both.

Key opportunities with brand advertising

Educate audiences on your value prop

In addition to engaging customers with brand stories, brand advertising provides opportunities to educate audiences on your value proposition and product offerings. And when paired with Amazon Ads' first-party shopping insights, you can more effectively reach relevant audiences with your brand messaging when they’re shopping anywhere.

Multichannel approach

Some channels to consider in your media strategy include brand-safe, premium content, such as movies and music. Through video ads, display ads, or audio ads, you can create an immersive approach that connects your advertising with the content your audience engages with. To help ensure your efforts are working, you can leverage brand-specific metrics to optimize your campaign for maximum performance.

Reviewing brand metrics

With brand advertising, it’s important to open your performance scope to incorporate metrics that do not tie directly to return on ad spend (ROAS). Using brand metrics like reach and click-through rate can help you understand the effectiveness of your media strategy and where you can optimize for better performance. Additionally, Amazon Attribution can help you better understand how effective your, cross-channel digital advertising campaigns are in contributing to sales on Amazon.

All of these opportunities will help build your brand awareness for customers and, when done well, can impact long-term growth. Amazon Ads has offerings across brand advertising products and measurement solutions to help you achieve your brand advertising goals.

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1 Edelman, In Brands We Trust, 2019
2 Peter Field & Les Binet, IPA, ‘Media in Focus – Marketing effectiveness in the digital era’, Jun 2017

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Leila is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Amazon Ads. Leila leads the brand advertising product portfolio for emerging brands, which includes Streaming TV ads (OTT ads), audio ads, display, online video, and Sponsored Brands.

Prior to joining Amazon, Leila was the Product Marketing Lead for Uber Eats, managing their marketing technology and advertising product portfolio. She also served as the Director of Product Marketing at Celtra, a provider of creative automation technology. She holds a bachelor of science in marketing from Florida State University.