Amazon Advertising: Announcing a single unified brand


At Amazon, we are a culture of builders and pioneers. We’ve worked quickly to build a comprehensive portfolio of advertising products and tools, innovating on behalf of advertisers to meet their varied needs while helping our customers discover new brands and products.

We started this business developing products for specific advertiser sets, such as cost-per-click ads for Amazon sellers and e-commerce-enabled display ads for Amazon vendors. We’ve stayed heads down building our products and tool sets, and today, we work with a wide range of advertisers who use multiple products within our suite to grow their business as part of an e-commerce marketing strategy. We’ve worked hard to scale our products and services for our advertisers and agencies, but we also recognize that in the process, we’ve created complexity around our advertising brands and product portfolio. So we’ve been thinking about how we can invent and simplify to provide a better experience for our advertising customers.

Reintroducing our brand

We are excited to announce that from now on we are simply Amazon Advertising. With this, we are retiring the names Amazon Media Group (AMG), Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), and Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP). You’ll see this change on our website and in simplified product names that reflect this unified brand and the direction of our business.

quoteUpWe've unified our product offerings under the name 'Amazon Advertising.' This is another step towards our goal of providing advertising solutions that are simple and intuitive for the hundreds of thousands of advertisers who use our products to help grow their business.quoteDown
Paul Kotas, SVP, Amazon Advertising

Changes will not happen all at once; you’ll see our legacy brand names—AMG, AMS, and AAP—being phased out over the next several months.

Simplified product portfolio

We’ve also simplified names across our portfolio to more clearly align with product functionality.

A few weeks ago, we announced the expansion of Headline Search Ads to make it even easier for customers to discover brands and products throughout shopping results. To better reflect this feature set, we’ve changed the name of Headline Search Ads to Sponsored Brands.

We’ve also renamed Amazon Advertising Platform to the Amazon DSP to more accurately represent the capabilities of this programmatic ad buying tool.

While some of the names are changing, how you’ve been using our products and tools, and how you work with Amazon Advertising, is not.

Amazon Advertising encompasses our full product portfolio:

  • Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands allow advertisers to promote their products or brand to make it even easier for customers to discover and purchase products on Amazon.
  • Display ads reach relevant audiences on Amazon and third-party sites and apps using customizable brand or e-commerce creatives, and actionable insights to help advertisers optimize ads to achieve various objectives. Product Display Ads* are also available for advertisers who sell products on Amazon to drive traffic to their product detail pages.
  • Video ads help advertisers tell their brand story and engage customers in brand-safe environments via trusted channels like Amazon and IMDb, on exclusive Amazon devices such as Fire TV or Fire tablet, and across third-party sites and apps.
  • Stores allow vendors and sellers to create their own website, with its own branded URL, on Amazon. Vendors and sellers can use a Store to showcase a brand story and product portfolio in a curated customer destination.
  • Our measurement solutions, including campaign reporting, retail insights, and third-party reporting, help businesses understand advertising’s impact on shopper behavior—whether they run on Amazon or on third-party sites and apps—so they can optimize marketing strategies to achieve results.
  • Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that allows advertisers to programmatically reach their audiences both on Amazon sites and apps as well as through our direct publisher relationships and third-party exchanges. Advertisers can manage, optimize, and report on their programmatic display and video campaigns through the Amazon DSP console.

Working together to deliver results

As much as we’ve grown, it’s still very early days for us. We see a lot of opportunity to innovate on behalf of our customers and advertisers, and we’ll continue to build technology, products, and measurement solutions that enable great customer experiences and deliver the right results for brands.

If you have additional questions about Amazon Advertising, reach out to your account executive to learn more.

*Product Display Ads audience and product targeting features are now accessed within Sponsored Display.